Best Shopping Places in London for True Fashionista!

Shopping places in London for true Fashionista! Planning a shopping trip to London? Well, you are in a real treat as you will get a large dose of retail therapy in this charming city. London … Read More

Shopping Places in London

Shopping places in London for true Fashionista!

Planning a shopping trip to London? Well, you are in a real treat as you will get a large dose of retail therapy in this charming city. London is not only an incredible destination for visiting, but it is a great city for shopaholics with plenty of specialty stores, shopping streets, and retail districts. In this city, you will see streets brimming with emerging brands, big names, and independent boutiques. Maybe shopping here is not cheap, but it will help to glam up your wardrobe. So if you love shopping, you must add London to your bucket list on your next trip to England. 

Shopping in London is difficult to beat as the city is loaded with countless luxury brands, which are eye candies for shopaholics. Shopping centers available here are not only great for shopping, but also for visitors who just want to window shop. So, put on your comfy shoes and get ready to discover the best shopping areas in London. 

Shop till you drop at these places

If you are going shopping in London, then don’t forget to bring an extra suitcase as you are going to love your shopping spree through this fashionable city. Check out the list of the best shopping places of London. 

  • Bond Street – Famous even among celebrities

Whether you want to get the best fashion of the city for yourself or just want to indulge in window shopping, Bond Street is one of the best areas in London to satiate the shopaholic soul inside you. This place is home to various designer and sophisticated shops and plenty of rich and popular people flock to it. This street is basically loved for the luxury it offers to visitors and it serves as the hotspot for international designers and for those people who have extravagant and expansive tastes. You will not only find apparel shops here, but Bond Street is well-known for jewelers like Tiffany Co. and Cartier. Fly to London using Delta Airlines book a flight and maximize your savings. 

  • Knightsbridge – Well-known for the trendiest fashion

You can’t afford to miss this place if you are a true fashionista. With an array of department stores and shops, Knightsbridge is home to all top-notch brands. It boasts its trendiest fashion with a bride. Go there to find a huge crowd here. This Estate has its own fame among the fantastic retail destinations in London. It is no stranger to the most en-vogue styles, the latest fashions, and exclusive luxury brands. A local shop that is the most famous at this place is Harrods. This is a seven-floor building and it has a famous range of everyday and luxury products. Harrods magnetizes millions of visitors every year, while locals love to shop at Harvey Nichols, which is a classy, chic retail store. 

  • Oxford Street – Popular for designer wear

Situated in the heart of London City, Oxford Street tops the list of the best shopping places in London. More than 300 shops are available here and it offers the most exquisite shopping experience to its visitors. Being one of the busiest streets in the city, you will always find crowds at this place owing to the variety of shopping it provides. One of the popular department shops among locals is Selfridges, where food, furniture, and fashion are available for purchase. Window displays are one of the biggest attention seekers of this department store. If you are a person who wants a bit of everything, then this is the perfect place for you. Shops at Oxford Street cover every budget and interest. 

  • Carnaby Street – The fashion revolution began here

During the swinging sixties, this street was the talk of the town. This is the place of birth of the “mod” movement. This movement was brought by British teens who desired to get separated from their parents so that they can listen to rock music and wear bolder clothes. In today’s time also, Carnaby Street offers cutting-edge clothing styles. Innumerable restaurants, bars, and shops cover this area, so go ahead and purchase some vintage mod outfit and urban wear. After getting done with the shopping, enjoy some relishing food and drink. 

  • Covent garden Market – Buy unique souvenirs

Looking for variety? Don’t look anywhere else and go straight to Covent Garden. Sweet treats, kid’s clothing, women’s fashion, and menswear, everything is available at this place. From unique souvenirs to hip fashion wears, Covent garden is a paradise for shopping lovers. Cosmetics, shoes, crafts, arts, street style, and handmade jewelry are some of the things that you can stock up in your bag. Covent Garden features three different markets that are Jubilee Market, East Colonnade market, and Apple Market. Keep in mind that walking is the best way to see the surroundings of this enchanting place. Choose American Airlines for traveling to London without emptying your bank balance. Go ahead and confirm your American Airlines reservations to minimize your travel expenses. 

Shopping in London is truly an impeccable experience. We can say it with the guarantee that once you are on the famous streets of this city, you would not be able to case yourself from splurging your heart out. So plan a trip to London and ensure that you have enough time to shop your heart out. 

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