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3 Best Skin Cancer Check Apps

Best Skin Cancer Check Apps

It’s so frustrating when you see a little mole you saw on your skin when you were a kid or a few years ago, and now that mole is changing, getting bigger. Because there is a common type of skin cancer that causes this way. So you should take it seriously and check if you have a mole that’s changing its appearance.

Here, we have found some modern mobile applications that can help you check your skin issues and know the risk of having skin cancer from that. So, let’s check the apps first …

Scanoma Mole Check Dermatology

Scanoma is the best skin cancer checker so far on the market. using this app, you can check your moles, calculate your skin cancer risk, and connect with expert dermatologists for a second opinion easily from the privacy of your home.

All you need to snap a picture of the mole through the app and then it’ll analyze the mole using the powerful AI algorithm based on thousands of images and give you feedback, advice, and tell you what to do next. So, if you have a mole on your skin that’s changing color or appearing to grow in size, download Scanoma on your mobile and check the mole. Who knows, perhaps this can help you detect skin cancer in the early stage which is growing, and save your life!

Download Scanoma for Android / Scanoma for IOS


Medgic is another option when it comes to diagnosis detecting skin cancer in the early stage just using your smartphone. Its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows scanning, detection, and analysis of your skin for a mole or any kind of worrisome skin issue through your mobile phone in a few simple steps.

Take a photo of your skin condition with the app’s AI camera, then AI brain will analyze it and provide you results and friendly advice that can help you recover the issue fast. This app isn’t just good for detecting skin cancer. You can use it for reviewing, investigating, and examining all common dermatological cutaneous problems or diseases including allergies, allergy, discoloration, darkening, lump, bump, lesion, solar damage, erythema, eczema, pigmentation, sunburn,  etc.

Download for Android


If you just want to check and map the moles on your body and monitor your skin for changes over time, Miiskin could be a nice choice. Because it does only monitoring, it doesn’t diagnose or evaluate the risk of melanoma or any other skin cancer type.

It is one of the first AI-based skin checker apps, dermatologically accredited by the derm (dermatologist) accrediting organization, Skin Health Alliance. It also supports the leading skin cancer organizations in the US, the UK, Canada, and South Africa to prevent skin cancer through education, awareness, and donations. Moreover, Miiskin has lots of personalization features that help in the most accurate skin monitoring for cancer. But remember,

Downlaod Miiskin for Android / IOS