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Best Tips for Working from Home


In these days of confinement due to COVID-19, many of us are faced with a new situation, telecommuting. Working from home may seem like an easy task, but if we do not set a few automatisms and good habits, it can turn our day-to-day into real chaos. Our mind works at a high volume unconsciously, this unconscious receives external messages without us being aware of them, we must try to ensure that these are not contradictory because over time they can end up generating some conflict.

That is why we propose some tips in the form of tips to make these days of self-confinement lighter.


Tips for working from home.


Find your space.

When starting work at home, the first thing you should do is find a space to develop your activity. This space, as far as possible, should be sunny, airy, quiet and should never be the bedroom. The best option should be a separate, spacious room with a door that we can close.

Enable this space in the most similar way to a workplace, because your unconscious, when you enter it, will relate it.


Your hygiene.

Hygiene is very important in this process. When you get up you should take a shower, because you are sending the message to your mind and your body that “the day has begun.” This seems easy and obvious, but as the days go by you will notice that your mind and body may want to acquire new habits and you should be alert to this.


Your clothing.

The unconscious mind receives “inputs” from the outside, so if your clothing is the same or similar to the one you generally wear at work, you are sending the message “I’m working. You can perhaps put on a more comfortable shoe, take off that tie that bothers you so much, but under no circumstances work in your pajamas, with a robe, or with your slippers, because the message you send in this case is that you are relaxing.

Your schedules.

You must set some schedules and you must, in turn, be strict with them. It is your “work schedule” and you must adhere to it faithfully, because deep down in all, respecting those hours will mark the respect you have for your work and how involved you are. Not only should you be radical when starting, but you should also be radical when finishing it and in the mid-morning and lunch breaks. Do not forget to put the breaks within your schedules.


The breaks.

As I mentioned, the pauses and the end are as much or perhaps more important than the beginning.

When you take the breaks, leave your workspace, have a coffee, go out to the terrace. Do not put to clean the kitchen, make food or the washing machine, because what you need is for your mind to disconnect and oxygenate and thus remain active. Have a quiet coffee, relax, read the newspaper, listen to music, watch your social networks, call a friend …


Your work.

When it comes to working, you must be rigorous. Set aside time for urgent tasks and allow more time for important tasks. If you make the mistake of focusing on the urgent ones, they will all end up being urgent and the day will not spread. Put aside social networks, WhatsApp and Instagram, and mail, schedule a time for it if necessary because if you do not end up pending it not allowing you to do the important things. You can also run your blog with the help of White label WordPress hosting.


Do not have the television on, do not eat while you work (you will see that this is more difficult than you think), if you wish, put on background music, but always relax. If a client calls you, do not mention that you work from home and put limits when it comes to answering the phone and emails, otherwise the clients will end up calling you at unpleasant hours and will expect quick responses.