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Best Tutorial To Fix “QuickBooks Error PS038”


QuickBooks is an accounting application that includes many business solutions such as the processing of invoices along with accepting payments. It targets various segments – small-scale and medium-scale businesses. The application is powered with a user-friendly interface and various useful features, i.e., point of sales for retail enterprises, payroll, tax-filing, to name a few which makes it their first choice worldwide. Though the QuickBooks application is not bug-proof, and constantly makes users bump into errors. The error code “QuickBooks Error PS038” could occur often while a user attempts to send paychecks to employees. The main reason for the error is the QuickBooks version is outdated. More about its root cause and the steps to fix the issue is mentioned in the subsequent topics of the blog.

On the other hand, the error “QuickBooks Error PS038” which is linked to payroll could be fixed easily if the solutions are carefully followed. Notwithstanding, if you still counter the error twice on the computer screen, call on the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 to seek a tech expert for resolution.

Grounds on which the “QuickBooks Error PS038” appears

We have determined numerous factors contributing to triggering the error code mentioned above. They are being stated below-

1. QuickBooks version in use has not been updated on one’s PC for a long time.
2. Tax tables in the payroll are not updated in QuickBooks.
3. The data in QuickBooks is impaired.

We have gone through the main causes that make the error code appear on the screen. We are now taking you through the best methods which can resolve the error at once.

Remedies to weed out “QuickBooks Error PS038”

Solution-1: Verify the paycheck not sent using online to send feature

1.Go to Windows Desktop. Open QuickBooks by right-clicking the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ icon and selecting ‘Open’.
2.Go to the menu bar in the QuickBooks window. Select the ‘Edit’ menu.
3.Below ‘Edit’, choose ‘Find’, then click ‘Advanced’.
4.Go to ‘Choose Filter’, click ‘Detail Level’. Choose ‘Summary Only’ from the given options.
5.Again, visit the ‘Choose Filter’, locate the list, click ‘Online Status’.
6.Navigate to the right-hand pane, choose ‘Online to Send’ among other options.
7.Locate paychecks that are pending by clicking the ‘Find’ button.

Solution-2: Retry sending paycheck post updating QuickBooks

1. Go to Windows Desktop. Open QuickBooks by right-clicking the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’ icon and selecting ‘Open’.
2. Go to the menu bar in the QuickBooks window. Hover over the ‘Employees’ menu, select ‘My Payroll Services’.
3. Choose the ‘Send Usage Data’ option inside My Payroll Services.
4. You are required to run a payroll update once the data is sent without error.

We are now concluding our blog post on error “QuickBooks error Ps038”. By and large, we believe that our endeavor enabled users to explore the error aforementioned, empowering them to get rid of it for the better. Though, there might be other relevant queries that may arise as a question mark in the user’s mind, in that case, call on the helpdesk 1-(855)-856-0042 for technical assistance.