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Best Tyres For Winters

Winter Tyres Port Talbot

As the season changes, drivers should make an effort to change their vehicles and speciality tyres because the change in weather brings about a considerable change in road conditions and temperature that directly affects your vehicle tyres. Drivers stay concerned about the condition of their cars but often forget to take care of their tyres as tyres are the only part of your vehicle that stays in touch with the road. They are certainly the most important part of your vehicle and are even responsible for giving you the best or worst driving experience.

Tyres are greatly affected by temperature and road conditions; as the season changes, you must change your seasonal tyres to extend your tyres life by one more season. However, this is not the only reason for changing or going through the hassle of changing your tyres twice a year. There are many other benefits of changing your summer to Winter Tyres Port Talbot.

Benefits of seasonal tyres

  1. Winter tyres are made of soft rubber that helps them stay flexible and have better grip even when the temperatures drop. This soft rubber helps in controlling and provides better handling on icy road conditions. Using summer tyres in cold weather will only damage the tyre making your life at risk. Because the rubber on summer tyres tends to get hard in winters and crack, resulting in a bad driving experience.
  2. The tread design is made with wide grooves with tiny sipes to enhance traction. The small sipes help in throwing back the snow and helping the car move forwards. The tread pattern is made because maintaining grip is important on the road. Winter tyres can be providing utmost safety in cold weather, avoiding any trouble coming in the way during driving.
  3. The softness of the tyres provides better traction and a small braking distance.
  4. Winter tyres give excellent performance below 7deg. Both tread design and rubber compound are made for providing safety in icy and wet road conditions.

How to maintain winter tyres

  1. You must always check your tyres, air pressure. Cold weather can cause the pressure to drop, and driving under-inflation can be dangerous. It will cause a tyre to wear out faster than usual.
  2. If you live in all seasons like the UK, you must swap your tyres every season. This will save you money and help your tyres stay in good condition for a longer time.
  3. The tread design is what makes tyres special. Tyre pattern helps maintain grip, control of steering, and handling on icy and wet road conditions. You must examine your tread patter, clean tyres, and look for wear and tear.
  4. Get regular Tyres Port Talbot service. Wheels must be aligned and balanced for improved driving.

How to Store Winter Tyres-

Winters have gone, and it’s time to change your tyres. The next big step is to how to store your tyres properly. People don’t understand that storing tyres appropriately can increase their life. Here’s how you can do this.

  1. First and foremost, wash your tyres with warm water and mild cleanser to clean them.
  2. You have to keep your tyres in the dark, cold, and dry place away from the sun. Exposure to sun and moisture can damage winter tyres.
  3. You have to make your where ever you are storing your tyres must not exceed normal room temperature. The rubber on winter tyres hardens on exposure to heat.
  4. To protect their physical properties, ensure your tyres do not come in contact with any kinds of chemical or lubricants.
  5. Do not place your tyres under any pressure or tension.
  6. Try to store your tyres wrapped in airtight plastic bags to keep away all the moisture.
  7. You can keep your vertical if you store them with their rims attached, and if not, you can put them horizontally.


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