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Best Web-Based Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software
Web-Based Medical Billing Software

If you are looking for a medical billing software platform for your healthcare practice, you will be happy to know that web-based medical billing software can be an excellent option for you. This is because it allows your medical organization to customize your billing and coding, and processes to improve profitability. It also helps reduce errors and mistakes and accelerates claim reimbursements. 

Did you know that medical billing software is available in two main forms? These are standard software programs based on a PC, or web-based medical billing software.

What is Web-based Medical Billing Software?

A web-based billing software program throws out the conventional IT structure as well as the constant need to upgrade the software or update coding, replacing it with accurate and reliable claims coding and insurance verification. This helps improve productivity and increases revenues. You can access your data wherever there’s a valid internet connection. 

An effective web-based billing program takes care of all the billing needs in your medical practice, such as entering charges and posting payments. The best web-based medical billing software helps streamline billing operations and puts both patient financial overviews as well as transaction details right at your fingertips, which is convenient.

You may know that medical billing errors are a significant problem for many medical practices in the US. However, using the right software will help lower the number of mistakes. Note that web-based medical billing software offers a quick and easy-to-use way to accurately and timely invoice your patients.

Most web-based solutions allow you to access all charges, payments, and write-offs related to a specific claim, which is excellent. 

PC-Based vs. Web-based Billing Software

You may know that electronic medical billing systems may be either web-based or PC-based. Using PC-based software means that the software provider’s office usually pays for the billing software and installs the software on each computer so that all the employees may use it. 

On the other hand, web-based billing software is not actually installed on every individual computer. Instead, you can access it through an online portal, which the software provider’s office pays to access.

Features of Web-based Medical Billing Software

Patient Pre-Registration

You can save a lot of time-saver by having all new patients complete their intake forms and furnish insurance information prior to their first appointment. It will save your time and your patients’ time in the office before their first appointment with you.

Batch Payments 

There is no doubt that the batch payment feature is crucial in any web-based billing software. This is because it helps manage payments from multiple patients at the same time. Also, it is valuable when pursuing patients’ payments as it enables your system to send emails to your patients, informing them regarding their payment obligations. 

Electronic Claim Generation

 This feature is crucial as it allows the creation as well as submission of e-patient statements and medical claims to insurers.

Financial Management and Accounting

This is one of the most important features of web-based billing software. While some EHR software provides a medical accounting module, many medical practices in the US prefer a separate medical billing solution. If you allow patients to pay for prescriptions and visits online, it will help make their lives considerably easier. 

Simplify Medical Billing and Accelerate Payments with Web-based Billing Software

With suitable billing software, you can:

  • Maintain multiple and customized charge slips and even assign the correct slip depending on appointment type or other criteria.
  • Generate simple bills that show only patient-responsible amounts or generate more in-depth statements, including amounts pending from various payers.
  • Check medical claims for common mistakes and errors and diagnosis codes for suitable digits 

Benefits of Web-Based Billing Software

Did you know that web-based software programs are helpful if you are starting with a low-capacity computer system and lack the space in order to store all your information? This is because your medical practice data is now stored on the internet, and your office does not have to pay for a server to store all your practice data.

Improved Productivity 

 Traditionally, medical billing is a tiresome and mundane task. However, an online billing process can guarantee more accurate and reliable coding, more attention to submission as well as the results of medical claims. This helps cut down the time needed for medical billing.

Lowers Costs 

You should know that a web-based billing program costs much less upfront compared to an on-site billing solution. Also, you don’t need an in-house IT team in order to run maintenance on it. And it also lowers the manpower, taking the confusion and inconvenience out of coding. This means that your practice gets what it really needs in terms of prices and people. 

And that is not all; using web-based software helps you keep overheads low by allowing multiple users to use a program without purchasing a license for each one. This is particularly handy if your organization adds on employees temporarily in order to handle the increased workload.

You can also streamline the billing procedures at your medical practice by using a medical billing company, such as UControlBilling.

Collaborative Workspaces 

Did you know that many web-based software programs allow for collaborative workspaces? Note that this means that multiple employees can work on one patient file, and each employee will be able to see these changes in real-time. And this can be especially important if you’ve more than one office.

Top Web-based Medical Billing Software 

Here are some of the best and leading web-based billing software programs.


You may have heard of AdvancedMD. It offers you a full-service, and fully integrated web-based billing software platform, with complete functionality. Note that this means that all your employees have to do is simply log in to the AdvancedMD website to complete all practice-management and billing-related functions. 

Also, AdvancedMD offers comprehensive billing services, meaning it makes it simpler to pursue reimbursement dollars as you can send and follow up on claims.

iSmart EHR

iSmart EHR is another web-based EHR management platform that helps healthcare organizations streamline and optimize various administrative processes, like appointment scheduling, billing, charting, and more. 

You will be pleased to know that iSmart HER offers a comprehensive and nifty range of features. Some of them include electronic claims tracking and claims submission, payer management, and electronic remittances, which is excellent.

Your patients can also use the self-service portal in order to view upcoming consultations and even access their personal health information. 

EpicCare EMR

Note that Epic Billing provides you with strong claim management functionality developed on a reliable ANSI ASC X12N interface. The solution allows you to easily track claim status and even report any billing errors and supporting claim reconciliation. Also, keep in mind that users can scrub all medical claims with the code editor in order to correct claim codes before processing. The EMR platform also integrates various clinical management and revenue management systems that help track invoices, bills, and payments. 

The best thing about EpicCare’s billing module is that it allows you to consolidate all payment-related data in a single, convenient statement from a centralized billing office. The solution also automates the billing process in order to reduce A/R days.


Kareo is an excellent solution as it offers web and mobile medical billing platforms in order to help you handle patient payments and various insurance-related processes. While features of this platform are tailored and customized to each customer, some generic ones include medical claims processing, compliance tracking, and insurance verification. 

NextGen Healthcare

Note that NextGen Revenue Cycle Management is an excellent solution for your billing needs as it ensures timely and quick claims tracking as well as processing. NextGen’s RCM offers you robust billing and collections services, and you have the option to record medical bills, automate bill generation as well as conveniently bill patients through their preferred methods —text, call, print, or e Statements. 

The solution also uses an advanced and sophisticated C.A.C.H.E. Rejection Management Tool. This helps identify valid medical claims and scrubs claims with highly customizable claim rules in order to prevent future denials and rejections. 

Also, it supports electronic remittance, allows you to post payments online, and even sends payment reminders, helping medical practices improve cash flow.

Final Thoughts 

There are several options for web-based medical billing software. This is why you should do your research on each software program to make sure that you choose the one that best fits all your needs. Web-based medical billing software is essential for your practice as it automates the collection process for your office. 

The healthcare system in the US is one of the most sensitive and complex sectors, and you need due diligence in handling and managing your patient records. Note that any small error may risk patient lives. Smart and web-based medical billing software can address all or most of the concerns you may have and enable you to run your clinic or hospital efficiently.