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Bible Reading Tips – How to learn everyday Bible reading habits

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Looking for some tips on learning your daily Bible reading? There are five reliable ways to increase your love for God and His Word.

1. Decide on the most appropriate time.

Are you a morning person or better late in the day? We are all different. Some people like to get up in the morning and immerse themselves in the Word before doing anything else. But it may not be good for you, your schedule, or your family – especially if you are a parent with a small child who needs you from the moment you wake up.

That’s why you have to understand it. If you are married, this may require an interview with your spouse. But be encouraged – it’s not rocket science. Can.

2. Where you can be yourself find a place

If your house has a room where you can close the door and be left alone, choose it! But in many families, it’s literally impossible, at least when everyone’s upstairs.

 You may want to go to a nearby café or public library, or just find a place to park by car.

3. We promise to meet God at the appointed time and place.

We all promise, don’t we? Doctors, dentists, insurance agents, anyone. Does it deserve the same respect you give to your financial planners and tax administrators?

We want to take God seriously, so we encourage you to develop an attitude that takes Bible time seriously each day wall mirrors. Indeed, life can interfere with your Bible Reading Plans, unexpected things will inevitably happen, and there are days when your promise to God is canceled for many good reasons.

But if you are hungry for God and His truth, you will have a desire to keep that promise.

4. Do it whether you care or not.

There are days when I am tempted by the lack of a desire for Bible Reading Plans. it’s OK. The thirst for the Word usually changes from day to day.

But think about this – how often do you go to work if you only go to work the day you feel it? You know what it is – when you get there and start getting there, you usually overcome those emotions.

Even if you feel sick, start reading the Word and give it 5 minutes to see what happens. God respects your tenacity and eventually, these moody feelings will disappear.

5. Please pray for it.

Ask God to help you develop a growing desire for God and His Word. Ask God to give you self-discipline so that you can carry out this plan every day (note that self-control is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Of course, he does! And may he bless you very much for spending full time with him in the Word and, as a result, for your love for the King Jesus.