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Bicycle Barrett can reduce pollution and congestion in the area and create a bicycle-friendly destination


In the eco-community, a new trend of bike bullets or “bike bullets” is emerging. Bicycle clerks vary in design, staff, equipment and finish from region to region, but they all have one thing in common. It’s about creating a bike-friendly destination.


Bicycles are much more energy efficient than cars. Best Cycle Brands in India can move further with less fuel and less pollution than any other car. Comparing CO2 / miles in several common modes of transport makes it easy to see the big difference.


Below is the average CO2 pollution / mile per vehicle with one passenger.


£ 1.57 CO2 / Miles-15MPG in a “Sport Utility Vehicle”

£ 1.10 per mile CO2 / -21.5 MPG for an “average car”

£ 0.59 CO2 / mile-40MPG in an “economy car”

£ 0.00 per mile CO2 on a “bicycle” /

By looking at the pollution caused by each vehicle, it’s easy to see why environmentalists prefer to encourage bike-friendly destinations as much as possible.


What is Bicycle Valley Service?


Bicycle clerk is an organized clerk and / or parking service for bicycles. Imagine a bicycle wardrobe. Each area has its own way of doing it, but the purpose of this service is to encourage visitors to come by bicycle and provide a large bicycle parking lot for a short period of time.


In Santa Monica, California, you can find a variety of bike valet parking. The city of Santa Monica offers free bicycle parking for both the Summer Twilight Dance Series (a free summer concert series) and the Sundae Farmers Market. In this case, the city will provide the staff and, like the traditional staff, the staff will provide the ticket and pick up the vehicle. Vehicles must be collected before the end of the event, but there is no service charge. Tipping is at the discretion of the customer.


Further north of San Jose, California, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition offers similarly designed bicycle bullet services at many venues, including local Stanford football games, the San Jose Blues Festival, the Moffett Field Air Show, and numerous Civic Art and Wine Festivals. It offers.


San Francisco, Calif., Offers free bike valet parking at all San Francisco Giants home games, Movie in the Park series, Tour de Fat, Winterfest, and more. San Francisco differs from many other cities in that as of January 1, 1999, all major outdoor events require a bicycle parking lot.


You can find more grassroots movements in Fairfax, California. Marin County Bicycle Coalition rents PVC bike racks to Green Wednesday, which uses them to provide free and secure bike parking. Green Wednesday offers a bicycle parking lot at the Farmers Market on Wednesday. “Green Waters” is not exactly a bike valley service, but it does provide a large, temporary and safe bicycle parking lot. This makes the local farmer’s market a bike-friendly destination.


Benefits of Bicycle Barrett


Bicycle Barrett can provide benefits to both the event organizer and the event venue, while at the same time creating a more bicycle-friendly destination. These are just a few of the benefits.


Keep driveways and sidewalks clean. Without a bike clerk or other large bicycle parking lot, cyclists would be forced to lock their bikes wherever they were. Bicycle Barrett provides a central location for large bicycle storage and keeps driveways and sidewalks clean.

Reduces local traffic congestion. Bicycle riders may have one less car. Bicycle valet parking reduces traffic by reducing the number of people arriving by car.

Encourage attendance. Many people avoid events due to parking issues. Bicycles are quick and easy to check in and parking is easy due to the small number of cars.

Riding a bicycle is not only good for your health, but also good for the planet. For every mile you drive, not by car, your carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. In this ever-changing environment, it’s important for everyone to play their part, so I recommend you find out If your local bike group or coalition, and you don’t have a local bike clerk running, why not start your own program?