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Biomimicry And How It Is Going To Be One Of The Top Future Careers


What is Biomimicry?

The term Bio means life and mimicry means imitation. Hence, biomimicry is the simulated life strategies aiming at a newer way of living by reducing the planet’s stress. While Nature utilizes already existing structures to modify functions and apply energy, human-made inventions use unnatural force to change functions. Biomimicry offers to generate change settings advantageous to life on earth like the sustainable path of nature but more efficient. The objective is to regulate our actions in order to prevent the changing climate.

Biomimicry is one of the top jobs of the future. Tools, architecture, technologies and optics that are inspired by nature have been produced under biomimetics. A high-speed train type, Shinkansen 500 Series from Japan, with improved aerodynamics was inspired by the kingfisher bird’s beak. The famous Council House, Australia was planned using designs and strategies from a termite mound. Even the first successful airplane that was invented by the Wright brothers in 1903 took influence from the pigeon. It is thus safe to say that humans will take inspiration for years to come. Today, one with a degree in biomimicry can modify the methods in which individuals do business or outline manufacturing of goods and design constructions.

The NEP 2020 benefits students to be accustomed to working or learning under multiple disciplines together. This approach affords to merge disciplines like software designing, biology, engineering, biochemistry, architecture and education with sustainability, development and environment. The profession offers the aspirants to show skills of creativity, critical thinking and finding solutions to multidisciplinary challenges. With years of torture on the environment and distress caused by global warming, most multinational companies along with organizations aim at reducing the green house effect and creating a deeper bond with nature in both the professional and personal life.

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Biomimicry also serves as an additional boon to one’s portfolio with scope of online profile building to study abroad.

Biomimicry thinking and innovation teaches an experience in green future technologies and certain personal reflections which my mirror well in their professional jobs in the future. The field deals mostly with human activities ranging from research to commerce, medicine to economy and city planning to rural cultivation. The fields may be directly or indirectly linked depending upon the approach. The plans of nature can be used during calamities of its own or man-made to find a way out. If we are able to keep a check on our actions, biomimicry serves to be preventative.

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