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Build effective training program for first-time managers


We have seen the promotion trap in the corporate companies, right? Where a manager is promoted for being good at a job. Not because he is a good manager. The chosen individuals mainly for the new managers are the older employees with higher ambitions and more significant success goals.

But, why is it essential to have training for the new managers?

We’ve all witnessed the adverse effects of inadequate leadership on a team or a corporation. Underperformance, disengagement, and excessive turnover are all caused due to poor management.
Gone are the days when training was reserved solely for new hires. Companies must build and deliver management-related first-time manager training programs that educate new managers about their difficulties and the skills they will need in their new role to ensure better overall outcomes.

These new managers are unlikely to have all of the capabilities they require right now. But, it’s also critical to assist them in becoming the talented leader that the organization requires. Read More…