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CLS Computer has unique know-how for more than 20 years for assembled gaming, office, and multimedia computers. It is with this vision that we have designed this new space: PC konfigurator. We give you a … Read More

PC Konfigurator

CLS Computer has unique know-how for more than 20 years for assembled gaming, office, and multimedia computers. It is with this vision that we have designed this new space: PC konfigurator. We give you a multitude of possibilities to customize your assembled computer to your liking. Whether it’s a gaming, office, or multimedia computer, let your instincts speak and get started. The computer of your dreams is not far away. PC Konfigurator has a system that allows you to check the compatibility of all components with each other. Find thousands of references of computer components from the biggest brands: Intel, NVIDIA, MSI, Seagate.

The assembled PC must reflect your tastes and your personality, this is why we offer with our custom configuration of assembled computers 3 major types of choice, which are gaming, office automation, and multimedia.

gaming pc

Designed especially for you, the PC Konfigurator will allow you to design your assembled computer in an intuitive and fun way. Two design modes are presented to you: novice and connoisseur mode. Each of these modes has adapted support. We offer a PC konfigurator that works step by step. Where you can view and choose each of the pieces one by one. Filters are also available for you to select the components that match your criteria.

Following the first choices of your components, We will offer you other compatible components that will balance not only your configuration but also the power and performance of your creation.

In case you are a computer geek, follow a 10-step logical design to create the assembled computer of your dreams. Otherwise, if you are new to it, go for a more streamlined 5-step design with easy and clear choices. You can complete your configuration with a multitude of options such as a keyboard, a mouse, headphones, and even a gaming chair, and many more. You also have the possibility to choose to receive your selection in spare parts or to choose the assembly option in order to receive your configuration ready to be used.

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Gaming PC Konfigurator

Within our personalized Gaming PC Konfigurator, we offer you the best possible components so that you have a powerful and efficient assembled gaming computer. Our tailor-made gaming PC konfigurator is for everyone, no need for special knowledge. Whether you are a connoisseur or a beginner in the field, we leave the pleasure of creating the assembled gaming computer of your dreams to you. It is also possible to have support thanks to our system included in the PC konfigurator.

Thanks to our reference catalog, you will be able to design your gaming PC with the best components on the market. Choose from the best motherboards, graphics, processors, and other components. In case you want a competitive, powerful, and capable gaming PC, you will need to invest in high-end components.

Office PC

Through the office automation PC Konfigurator you will find the best components to design an assembled office computer. We offer you the best selection of our references at inexpensive prices to design your office computer adapted to your needs. You will be able to use your assembled office computer for your administrative tasks or the Office Pack software for word processing, spreadsheets, etc.

Multimedia PC

The multimedia PC is aimed at both professionals and beginners for video, photo or musical creation. Thanks to your assembled multimedia computer, you will find components adapted to the needs of creation software such as those of the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc. Thus, your multimedia assembled computer will be all the more powerful and efficient to carry out your most complex tasks with exemplary fluidity.

How would you benefit from a pc konfigurator?

Building Gaming PC isn’t as troublesome as you might suspect, there are a lot of advantages to building a custom PC arrangement.

  • Building a Gaming PC or Custom is Cost Efficient
  • Its Allows for Easier Upgrades
  • You can get Superior Cooling System
  • Its Gives You a Skill Forever to New PC System
  • Building gaming PC Gives You the Option for Higher Quality Parts
  • You Have Complete Control for Customization
  • Permits You to Choose Your best Operating System


Building the perfect gaming PC yourself shouldn’t be a daunting task. Especially when you’ve got an excellent PC Konfigurator to help you through. Just make sure all your chosen components are high quality and that they fall within your budget.

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