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Why should you consider Business Cloud Solutions? After all, nothing could be more exciting than being able to create and manage your own private cloud… right, from your very own computer! No wonder why more organizations are moving to small and medium-sized business cloud solutions. Here’s a quick overview of what business cloud solutions are and how they can help your business:

Maximum Computing Power

Wow! With Business Cloud Solutions, you get the maximum computing power you require for your most intensive applications, managing, backup and information bursts which occur along the way. By bringing your entire IT infrastructure, including all your hardware and software, into a single, easy-to-use interface, business cloud solutions will deliver on-demand resources without the need to add additional infrastructure, personnel or software. You just pay for the usage, when you need it, and thus are able to reduce costs and improve profitability. Additionally, as your business grows over time, your IT infrastructures become more complex, and therefore business cloud solutions become more important.

Multiple Business Cloud Solutions

Managing multiple business cloud solutions allows you to easily balance workloads. For example, you can use real-time reporting to monitor your in-house employees’ performance, while deploying work loads to shared infrastructures or a hosted private cloud. Your workloads can also be balanced across multiple devices – you can load a particular department’s workloads only if another department needs access. Thus, you can reduce your maintenance costs and improve productivity by creating multiple business cloud solutions, which helps you better coordinate your workloads across different devices.

Improve your Operational Efficiency

Business cloud solutions also help you improve your operational efficiency. You can run different operating systems on the same server, for example. This reduces the need for purchasing and stocking expensive software. Similarly, you can install applications on your own servers, thereby freeing up disk space and network bandwidth for other uses. You can even boot up your applications from other machines on your network, thereby saving bandwidth and network costs. Furthermore, you can control all aspects of your business workloads through a single control panel, reducing administration costs.

Traditional Private Clouds

Business cloud solutions are becoming more common because many companies find them a more practical choice over traditional private clouds. In a private cloud, most of the resources such as storage, servers, bandwidth and memory are reserved for your company. On the other hand, in a multi-cloud infrastructure, much of the load that is required by your business is divided between different servers. So, the business does not suffer from a lack of resources but has a greater control over the resources available. This allows you to better utilize the available resources, making your business more profitable.

Multi-cloud services

Multi-cloud services bring together different components of your business infrastructure such as servers, application environments, messaging and collaboration tools. This enables you to accelerate innovation and improve your productivity. In a private cloud environment, these components are self-contained, while in a multi-cloud infrastructure, you have access to the entire infrastructure. This means that you can make use of load-balanced server groups to improve your deployment times of critical applications. You can also accelerate innovation by allowing users to collaborate across various platforms and devices.

With this form of business cloud solutions, you gain improved control over the overall allocation of resources. You also enjoy improved system performance due to improved networking and management tools. The management tools include better real-time monitoring of servers and workloads. For instance, a business cloud solution provider can automatically schedule resources in accordance with available capacity from the suppliers. You also benefit from easier application deployment, thanks to the Asset Management feature in many VMWare Cloud Foundation solutions.

With business-cloud services, your IT network and server needs are taken care of. You need not invest in complex or expensive software for managing your business cloud services. Many providers provide platform independent tools and infrastructure. You can easily customize and manage the solutions, according to your needs. To take advantage of all the benefits and advantages of VMWare ESX Server, migrate your business into the cloud today.