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Buy Best Raw Dog Food at Affordable Prices


The signature ingredient in Bold Raw dog food is the natural ‘green’ tripe, the desire to make Bold Raw a biologically appropriate diet that modeled the natural prey diet of a cat or dog by adding tripe to an already balanced raw diet. Bold Raw diets also include omega oils, probiotics, and raw meat provides the necessary digestive enzymes to promote healthy skin and coat, clean teeth and on overall healthy diet.

Bold Raw dog food offers a low glycemic option for our dogs as it contains no fruits or veggies, which is extremely beneficial for dogs with diabetes, yeast issues, or those struggling with weight issues.

How does it help?

Firmer stools

Improved digestion

Healthier skin and coat

Reduced hypersensitivity symptoms

Better weight management

Basic Advantages of Bold Raw dog food

Raw food provides all the nutritional benefits of a natural carnivore’s diet and are easy to prepare and serve. A raw diet is the most biologically appropriate diet we can feed our cats and dogs. They are natural born meat eaters so feeding them a fresh diet consisting of raw meat is highly beneficial to their overall health. Raw food is often perceived as an expensive option to feed our pets, however when you consider you’ll be feeding less food than a traditional kibble and spending less money at the vet with a healthier pet, raw feeding starts to become a very affordable option for many pet parents.

Guidelines for portion sizes are always listed on the packaging of raw food, but you will always want to monitor your own pet to see if they require more or less of what is listed. We want to keep our animals on the lean side but we don’t want them to go hungry. Adjust the amounts of any raw diet to ensure you are feeding the correct amount.

A Bold Raw dog food diet is a complete whole and balanced diet. Feeding a raw diet can be almost as easy as feeding a traditional kibble. Homemade raw diets can be tricky by needing to ensure you are preparing a complete and balanced diet. Failure to do so, can result in significant health issues with your pet. With the growing options available for commercially prepared raw diets, feeding raw has never been easier for pet parents to provide a high quality, species appropriate diet.

Bones are an essential part of the canine and feline diet. Bones are used to provide calcium and phosphorus to the diet as well as to help clean the teeth. Raw bones assist in keeping the teeth clean by polishing the enamel and provide fiber, nutrients, and even entertainment for our pets. Most raw diets contain approximately 10% bone to provide the nutrients associated with bones.

Fat is our dogs’ and cats’ primary source of energy. We always want to ensure we are providing the right kind of fat and a clean source of fat to provide our pets the most energy we can from their food. Bold Raw Dog food offers the prefect combination of lean protein, clean fat and just enough bone to keep our animals healthy and happy from eating an optimized raw pet food.