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Download PDFs of all CA Foundation Mock Test Paper for December 2021

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The next CA Foundation Exams will be held in May 2021. If you are giving exams in May 2021, you must practice the CA Foundation past year papers and MTP/RTPs.

You can download all the CA Foundation Mock Test Paper 2021-22 and other papers like Revision Test Papers or previous year question papers from CA Wizard. Use the link in the above line to download the papers.

CA Wizard is the best online resource portal for CA course students. Besides the CA Foundation Question Papers PDF, you can get the latest updates and study material on CA Wizard.

ICAI CA Foundation Mock Test Paper 2021 Schedule

ICAI will announce the schedule for the Mock Test Series May 2021. The question papers of CA Foundation Mock Test Papers 2021 will be released first. Then the suggested answers will be released within 24 hours after the release of question papers. You should practice them during the usual exam time for a better practice experience.

Why should you solve CA Foundation Mock Test Paper 2021?

Solving the CA Foundation CA Foundation Mock Test Paper 2021 will give you the following benefits:

  • The new MTPs are based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern. You will know what type of questions ICAI plans to ask in the main exams.
  • Learn how to manage your exam time properly.
  • Take them as an actual exam. Sit in a silent exam-like setting with only necessary material. It will ease your exam phobia.
  • Practice filling the OMR sheet correctly. You can also download the sample OMR sheets from the ICAI website.
  • You can use the answer keys to evaluate your performance and understand what is the correct method to write answers in the CA Foundation exam.

If you still don’t feel confident, solve CA Foundation previous year’s question papers and the latest CA Foundation RTP for practice.

It is common for most CA Foundation course students to feel nervous and have some self-doubts about their abilities. But if your exam preparation is done well, you can overcome this anxiety and doubts. Don’t think if an average student can crack CA Foundation can you clear CA Foundation in your first attempt. Keep your focus on your goal and follow the essential preparation tips.

Preparation Tips

Decide How much Syllabus and What Topics to Study

How much syllabus you cover should depend on the time left for preparation. If you started 6 or 5 months before the exam date, you could aim to complete the whole CA Foundation syllabus. But if you started 3 or 2 months before the exam date, you have to forgo some of the least important topics in the syllabus. The CA Foundation syllabus is vast, and you have to study selected topics instead of the whole syllabus. If you are questioning, “Can I pass CA Foundation in 1 month?” then it will completely depend on how good is your exam preparation.

Study Plan and Schedule

Following a proper schedule to keep yourself active and healthy is important. You need to have a well-balanced schedule where you study for minimum hours with some fixed intervals. So make a timetable and strictly follow it to complete your syllabus on-time before the exams. Set a goal to finish the syllabus in a specified time and keep some time for revisions.

Regular Revisions

Consistency is a key factor in your preparation. While you are studying your syllabus, keep revising the previously learned topics. When you have finished your selected syllabus, focus on revisions. Starting new topics a month before the exam won’t do you much good. Instead, strengthen your base of the topics you have already studied.

FAQs-CA Foundation Mock Test Paper

  • How many hours of study will be sufficient for the CA Foundation Exam preparation?

You should study at least 8 to 12 hours a day. But only the hours don’t count; the concentration and efforts you put in those hours matter the most.

  • Is the CA Foundation course hard?

No, the CA Foundation course is not very hard. It is an entry-level exam; if you practice and give your best, you can clear it easily.

  • How can I get the free PDFs of the CA Foundation Mock Test Papers 2021 of all subjects?

Visit CA Wizard or see the above links to get CA Foundation MTP/RTP/previous year question papers.

  • Which is the best test series I should practice for CA Foundation?

The ICAI CA Foundation Papers Test Series is the best for practice. If you want to download previous year mock test papers or main exam papers, visit CA Wizard.

  • Can I pass CA Foundation without coaching?

If your concepts are clear and your practice well, you can pass the CA Foundation without coaching. However, if you want to score excellent marks, then you should consider joining coaching.