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Call of Duty Mobile: the tips and tricks for the video game


Call of Duty has always been one of the most famous videogame sagas of all time, with over 520 million players worldwide and sales that over the course of about twenty years have exceeded $ 15 billion. Composed of 18 official chapters, including 2 remastered editions, and several spin-offs,  COD  is undoubtedly an essential series for lovers of the first-person shooter genreWith the first chapter published in 2003, new rules and standards were established for both this genre and its peers. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most recent titles in the saga.

Developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision, this as the name suggests was only released for mobile platforms. Despite this difference compared to the other titles in the saga, it is a video game containing all the main features that have made Call of Duty one of the most popular shooters ever. Released globally on September 30, 2019Call of Duty Mobile is, as its name suggests, primarily available for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. This is downloadable in free-to-play mode, or completely free through the official stores. For those who also want to play it from a Microsoft Windows PC, just go to the official website of the game and proceed with the download.

In fact, the special reward is the gamers who made Call of Duty Mobile achieve a very high number of downloads in a short time. Even today it is a chapter of the series that special fans cannot ignore a new version of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk for mobile phones. However, before you start playing it, it is definitely helpful to know some key tricks and tips to know. Thanks to these, you will in fact be able to tackle the pitfalls that video games present, with additional equipment to deal with all the main scenarios proposed in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile: the tricks for the video game

Training against BOTs

During the first 7 levels of Call of Duty Mobile, you will have the opportunity to train and learn the characteristics of the video game through the fight against AI bots. By facing these you will not only be able to get great fun right away, but it will also be possible to equip yourself with accessories, weapons, and different kills that will come in handy later in the game. It is possible to recognize the BOTs by their standing still in the middle of the map, or through the Killcam, as they are equipped with standard weapons. Starting at level 8, the game will instead start introducing humans as well.

Perform a slide

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can find many of the most common features of the other games in the series. In particular, you also have the opportunity to run and slide here. To perform this last action, just press the button to crouch while running, and your character will make a short slide. During this, it is also possible to aim and shoot, performing particularly stunning Kills.

Hiding in the water

If in the middle of a battle you find yourself in situations of great difficulty, with your enemies in numerical advantage, a good survival tactic is to hide underwater. From here, at a safe depth and with a good view, it will be possible to kill your enemies without being seen. In the absence of water, it is still possible to lie down on the ground. To do this, just hold down the button for a few seconds to crouch.

Call of Duty Mobile video game

Automatic stroke

Another very useful feature of the game is that of auto racing. Doing this allows the character to stay on the move, while the player can concentrate on aiming and shooting enemies around him. To use automatic running, just start running and then move your finger pressure towards the orange logo at the top. Doing so will lock the forward click.

Explore the maps

Call of Duty Mobile maps is often updated and modified, thus letting new points appear that can be strategically advantageous. A good tip is therefore to continuously explore the maps present, to find new points from which you can have a good view without being seen by the enemies. The advantage that is obtained is nothing short of useful.

Events and challenges

On-Call of Duty Mobile, it will be possible to keep an eye on a series of events and challenges that are constantly updated. Participating in these will allow you to obtain, in case of victory, particularly important rewards, especially as regards the equipment. In the main menu of the game, therefore, you can find the list of challenges present and the time for which they will remain available.

Use the gyroscope

Some users have pointed out that enabling the gyroscope has proved to be a particularly intriguing game mode. With this, and by setting the sensitivity to 120, it will be possible to have a much more interactive experience. By physically turning, in fact, it will also be possible to move the view in the game and aim at the enemies around you.

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

Advanced mode

Call of Duty Mobile’s advanced mode allows you to decide for yourself where and when to shoot. The button that is added to the right with the advanced mode, in addition to shooting, automatically enters the sight of the weapon, which improves shooting accuracy. You can also select the viewfinder only to zoom in on an area, then look around with your right thumb and shoot with the left one at the right moment.

Redeem prizes

An important part of the video game is of course the prizes. For each activity performed during the game, in fact, certain rewards could be obtained. These are unlocked when you complete objectives when you implement a series of kills or give rise to extraordinary headshots. To redeem the prizes and get hold of new items, just go to the section dedicated to the current season, on the left side of the main screen, and there you will find the button that allows you to unlock all the prizes.

Customize the screen and touch controls

In the initial Call of Duty tutorial, you will be able to choose between two command modes. There is the simple mode, where the alarm will fire automatically every time the viewfinder frames an enemy, or advanced mode, where you will have the button to shoot autonomously. In addition to choosing between these two modes, it will also be possible to decide the position you prefer for each button present. Going to the customized configuration will open the command screen, where you can move or hide the buttons and resize or make the icons transparent.

Play with headphones

Playing Call of Duty Mobile without headphones is of course possible, but playing with them in the middle of a game gives you significant added benefits. With the headphones it will in fact be possible to immerse yourself completely in the game, improving the experience also due to the possibility of hearing what happens with extreme precision. For example, with advanced audio, it will also be possible to hear the enemy’s movements and prevent his attack.