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Call Roof Restoration Company If You Have These Signs


Everyday roofing goes from many seasonal changes like snow, sunlight, rain and much more. If your roof is older than 15 to 20 years, then it’s definitely time for roof restoration and repair. Roofing is the big investment one does for the future. With the interior, roofing and exteriors are equally important to maintain house overall condition. Especially if you live in the areas with heavy moisture and humidity, you might need to follow special care and maintenance for the roofing. Roof damage might not be visible at the starting phase but it shows up with the time with signs like leaking, cracking and discoloration. Get your roof painted every 5 to 10 years by the expert Roof Painting Adelaide Company to prevent corrosion and minor roofing issues?

If you are unsure whether your roof is damaged or not, check for these signs to identify whether you need roof restoration service or not:

Check whether sunlight is coming through the roof

Sunlight entering inside the home from roof indicates that there are small in the roofs. These small holes might not be seen with the naked eye but you can try switching off all the lights in the house and see for the sunlight or sparkles on the roof. If you found holes in the roof, get your roof holes repair at the early stage.

Check whether your roof leaks at the monsoon time

If you have holes, obviously it is going to leak at the monsoon time. Holes might get enlarged with the presence of moisture if ignored. Get your leaks repaired to prevent mould formation.

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Check for moisture formation on the roofing

Identify the moisture presence in the unexpected areas like under the insulation and other places. It might result in the blistering and puddles of the walls over time.

Check for uneven stains and discoloration

When leaks are ignored for longer time, it causes discoloration of roofs and yellow, Grey and green staining in the roof. Staining can also occur because of mould growth. Seek expert advice if you notice these signs.

Increase in energy bills

Moisture content affects the air ventilation inside home hence, it affects the HVAC performance and consumes more energy to provide heating or cooling in the room.


Sagging refers to formation of water at the specific location. It happens when the leaked water is pooled at the same place for a longer time.

Check for damage if your roof is older than 15 years or more

No matter how efficient the house construction is done, it needs professional service over the time. If your roof is older more than 15 years, check for damaged shingles chimney, debris collection and other things.

Final thoughts: Hope you found above information useful and helps you in identifying roof damages. Some roof damages might not be repaired and needs complete restoration. Roof restorations are expensive and can’t be affordable if your house is not older. Always invest in better house structure and roof maintenance to preserve the house value and good condition. Get your roof inspected by Roof Restoration Adelaide professionals if you notice above signs.