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Can anyone apply for a Forklift Truck Driving Course?


Many warehouse employees are in the eye with forklift driver jobs, but most don’t get there. Yet it is much easier to become a forklift driver than you might think.

Who hasn’t heard of children or even adults rumoring how good it would be to take a job as a forklift driver.

No wonder many people see opportunities in the profession, as we can meet forklifts in many ordinary places. In department stores, warehouses and construction sites, forklift drivers load goods tirelessly.

However, many are frightened as soon as they learn that, contrary to popular belief, the possession of a category B license is not a condition for undertaking such work. However, the coin has several sides.

In order for someone to become a forklift driver, you must apply for an OKJ machine operator course, including a forklift driver course. However, this does not require any prior license or training.

The law only states that the applicant must have a minimum of eight primary school diplomas, be 18 years of age until the official exam, and be medically fit.

Medical fitness is determined by the occupational health services of specialist practices.

What are the real benefits of a forklift driver course?

Anyone who enters a forklift driver training course will not only receive a paper stating that they can operate the truck legally, but will also be qualified.

All this in just three weeks (24 theoretical, 36 practical hours), which is rare among vocational trainings.

At the end of the forklift driver course, the candidate must report orally, in writing and in practice. Forklift rental click here

Why is the work of forklift drivers so important?

Without forklift drivers, the logistics industry today is unthinkable. Forklift drivers take off goods from a height of up to five meters in a matter of seconds, which they can move quickly and precisely in warehouses – this has become especially important nowadays.

Just think of how common it is to order goods online these days. There is a lot of collectibles and returns, so the forklift driver profession is gaining more and more value every week – and thus the course itself.

A forklift driver course turns you into a never-burning workforce
There is no need to fear that as a forklift driver you will soon fall asleep in your job. It is a fast-paced job that constantly presents more and more challenges.

No two days are the same. Complexity is also indicated by the fact that you can choose from three forklift driver courses, all of which indicate different machine groups. During the truck driving courses you can choose from the following three machine groups:

  • With driver’s seat (3312)
  • With driver (3313)
  • Infantry (3324)

It is possible to obtain a vocational qualification for all three groups of machines at the same time, but you can also expand your knowledge in the future, thus facilitating your position in the market and, if necessary, making your work more diverse.