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Can Focus Group Get Benefits From Market Research Transcription Services?


Digital formats like Audi/video group interviews can be complicated when it comes to conveying into words deeply and accurately. Due to sarcasm, hesitations, and nuances, interviews may go poor listening that may also change the meaning of what participants said. But, most researchers still love to present with research transcriptionists for this kind of complicated focus group interview.

Let’s know from which top 3 wonderful benefits are that researchers always prefer to hire effective market research transcription services companies particularly for focus group interviews.

Complete your reports quickly

Typically, multiple teams are participating in focus group interviews from different areas and that’s why it takes hours. So, the time comes when you write your report but it is difficult to ensure which group provided the information you’re looking for.

If the interviews have been transcribed, on the other hand, you may easily get the accurate details you need by finding specific topics in the text.

Include subjects’ quotes

Focus group participants will play an integral role when research reports require quotes or confirmation on a specific point. You may need to watch or listen long hour interviews for additional quotes or ensure it for your market research report, but you have to do, it’s necessary.

However, all the focus group information is pre-transcribed by a research transcriptionist, there is no problem cutting and pasting it for the verbatim comments you need for your report. This is an ideal way to save time from listening and pausing multiple times.

Offer clients with accurate reports  

Generally, employees and clients miss out to attend focus group interviews, but if you have transcribed document that was spoken in audio/video form during the interview, you may send them via email and discuss their point of view on important subjects.

Clients can refer to the reports regularly to identify key items of interest or circulate them among the staff that may have missed the focus group interviews.