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Can I keep my internet if I cancel my landline service?

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Landline service and the internet are two separate things. Landline has been around way before the internet was a thing. As a matter of fact, the internet was initially used to create a network through landline. Remember, dial-up connections? They used our phone lines so the internet can be connected and worked as long as the wired network was maintained. Nevertheless, that was the common practice in the 1990s, ultimately, cable, satellite, and DSL internet took over the market with their high-speed broadband internet and unmatchable bandwidth. 

But, the question at the moment is, can I keep my internet if I cancel my landline service? Let’s find out in the further read!

If you use an internet service such as DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), Fiber, Satellite, or Cable internet, you can cancel the landline service without canceling the internet connection. This will not affect your internet connection at all. It is because the internet and the landline service both work on a separate line. In short, canceling one will not affect the other. 

Looking for high-speed internet? You can check CenturyLink‘s internet. It is serviceable in more than 36 states and fiber and DSL internet are the reason the internet speed is lightning fast yet affordable. 

Have you ever heard about Dry Loop or Naked DSL? 

These are the names for DSL (digital subscriber line) without landline service. A naked DSL is also known as dry loop DSL or standalone and is a DSL and landline service that can live together on the same line without interfering. A “dry loop” is a landline service without any active phone service; therefore, calls cannot take place. A dry loop connection is needed to deliver DSL Internet in case you do not have a landline phone line. It is a perfect deal for smartphone users that do not need a landline or if someone uses VoIP service.

Now, what’s next? 

Now, how to cancel your landline service is what you might be thinking. We assume that you are considering discontinuing your landline service to reduce your monthly bill. Maybe you are not satisfied or do not use landline service at all. Whatever the reason may be, since discontinuing your landline service won’t make any difference to your internet service – the following are the four easy steps that you might need next:

Step 1: 

Contact your internet service provider and ask them that you no longer want to use their landline service. They will ask you for your home phone account number, and that is it. 

Step 2:

Talk about the further process of canceling the landline service. In most cases, you have to pay penalties i.e. termination charges for unbundling. Unbundling means you remove a service from the bundle, making your service providers charge you separately for every service you use now. That is applicable if you have internet and landline services as bundle deals. 

Step 3: 

You will be assigned a dummy phone number as a reference for your account. It is because the other services would not be linked with a phone number now as you have disconnected it. Thus, this number will help you contact your service provider to help you out anytime. 

Step 4:

Set the termination date on which the technician will come and do his job. Make sure to stay at home on that particular day. In case you are not available, you can also ask an elder but a responsible person to stay there and guide the technician towards the phone. 

Step 5:

After the technician finishes his job, test the internet to check if it is still working. It is a crucial step, as you would not want to call him again. In addition, the technician will most likely change your username and password. He will assign you a new one that you will now use for using the internet service. It does not mean that your login and passwords would also be changed. So it’s all cool!

Final Thoughts

To conclude the discussion in simple words, whether you can keep your internet or you cancel your landline service, the answer is, YES! You can unbundle, cancel, or discontinue your landline services and it won’t affect your internet services.