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Can listening to music help control anxiety peaks in everyday life?


Can listening to music help control anxiety peaks in everyday life?

At exaggerated levels, anxiety is considered pathological and can harm anyone’s health. The different anxiety conditions must be monitored by a specialist, who will indicate the best forms of treatment, which may include the simple habit of listening to music, a practice that can help control peaks of anxiety in everyday life.

Listening to music reduces stress and muscle tension

“Studies show that music therapy can contribute, under various conditions, to promote mental health and alleviate some mental pathologies, such as anxiety disorders, in children and adolescents with development and learning difficulties, substance abuse problems and illnesses. Alzheimer”, says psychiatrist Ana.

For cases of anxiety disorders, music can help reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being, thanks to the release of endorphins, a neurotransmitter capable of improving mood and helping to control pain. The techniques used by music therapy also help to relax the body, preventing muscle tension, one of the symptoms caused by anxiety.

In the treatment of anxiety, music should be associated with the use of medications. You can start playing music

Music can also become an ally in the fight against insomnia, another symptom of anxiety disorders. “Sound can contribute to relaxation and induce positive emotions, facilitating the arrival of sleep, but it depends on the style of music. The recommendation is to listen to calm and soft music, which helps to relax and lull you to sleep”, says neurologist and sleep medicine specialist Stuart

However, listening to music shouldn’t be the only measure to treat anxiety. “In cases of moderate and severe anxiety, drug treatment must always be associated. Music therapy would be an adjuvant, being part of the non-drug therapy”, explains Ana Paula. The use of medication, psychotherapy, and meditation techniques should be considered by both the physician and the patient.