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Can you Increase Your Height After 18?

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Most people who consider themselves short are not satisfied with their current height. However, is there some they can do to give themselves an extra inch? If this kind of question has crossed your mind, there are many other out there like you. 

Some people claim that proper nutrition or good exercise can help an adult gain an extra inch. In this article, we shall discuss whether it is possible for you to grow taller after the age of 18.  

What influences your height?

Before we move onto whether it is practically possible for those who have attained the age of 18 to grow taller, you should fast consider what influences your height. The most direct factor is genetics, although this is not the only determinant. growth hormone for height influences the height of the person.

Assessing twins is one approach scientists have used to study the influence that genetics has over your height. Generally, height in people who are twins has a correlation. That means both twins will be tall short.  

Based on these findings, scientists have concluded that over 60 percent of the variation is because of genetics. The remaining percentage can be explained by environmental factors such as nutrition. 

For most people, height will not change the past the age of 18

Even when you go on a healthy diet for the remainder of your life, it is unlikely that your height will change after age 18. The bones, particularly your growth plates, explain why you cannot grow taller past the age of 18. 

Your growth plates, or the epiphyseal bones, are specialized cartilages found at the edge of your bones. You gain height because your growth plates continue to elongate. As puberty ends, changes in your hormones cause the growth plates to toughen and close down.  Consequently, growth will stop. 

Typically, growth plates close at around age 16 for women and between ages 14 to 19 for men. Although actual growth is not possible for some adults, minor spinal disc compressions tend to occur occasionally. 

Your daily activities compress fluid and cartilage in the spine causing reductions in your height as you go about your daily activities. 

Stretching techniques and exercise will not make you grow taller

A common myth that people peddle almost everywhere, including on social media, is that stretching and exercise can cause you to grow taller. 

In fact, some people swear that climbing, hanging or using tools like inversion tables can help you grow taller. Unfortunately, no evidence has been found to support these claims. While it is true that your height does vary through the day, the variation is because of compression of your spinal cartilages. 

When you decompression the cartilages, you will gain some height, but temporarily. Plus, this change does not translate to actual gain in height. 

Exercise and weight lifting will not really change your height

Some people worry that exercising will impair height. Most of the concerns these people have relate to kids and adolescents who are still growing. The cartilage in children is weak compared to that in an adult. Mature cartilage is damaged very easily. 

But, research has shown that weight lifting and other strength training workouts are both safe and beneficial to everyone, provided it is done under supervision. Plus, some research studies have shown that weight training right before you reach adulthood will not interfere with growth. 

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A healthy lifestyle prior to reaching age 18 can help your growth taller

As an adult, there is not much you can do to increase your height. However, as a teen, you can maximize your height in a number of ways. Generally, you need to ensure you eat a healthy diet and that you are not lacking any important vitamins. 

Although most kids consume enough, the quality of the diet may be wanting. As a result, most children are deficient in very essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. 

Final Word

Height is dependent on, among other factors, genetics. For that reason, some people will not gain height past 18. Nevertheless, proper dieting while you are still in your teens will maximize height. If you are an adult and are not happy with your current height, you should find strategies that will help you look and feel good about yourself.