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Canal Front Residences in Dubai – Perfect Living and Relaxation Out of This Place


Canal Front Residences in Dubai have become a trend amongst the luxury home seekers. This is because of the reason that the units are available at a very reasonable price. They are ideal for both short as well as long term rentals, and can be availed of either on plan or off plan rental schemes. The facilities offered by these residences are worth the rates and they are the choice of many who want to get the perks of living in luxury. The residents enjoy all the luxuries of living in the city while being in safe environs and are just a step away from the beach.

The residents enjoy the benefits of living in Dubai and can see the best parts of the city in the comfort of their residence. They are given all the amenities including the latest technology, in order to help them stay fit and active. They are provided with health clubs and pools for exercising and an environment that is conducive for healthy living. They have separate spaces for children and a club for the elders, as well as a large kitchen so that the residents can cook their favorite cuisine. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary gadgets and appliances so that the residents can use it efficiently.

When it comes to security in the city, the residents are provided with the services of CCTV surveillance and closed circuit TV. This helps them to feel secured when they are around the area and they can see what is happening in the area without being too invasive. Security is also provided for the vehicles and personal belongings belonging to the residents. The residents are also provided with a shuttle service so that they can move around in the city conveniently. This is because getting around is not only safe but also easy since there is an allocated parking space for the cars.

The residents are provided with a gym where they can exercise and enjoy their time at leisure. There is also a swimming pool in the vicinity so that they can enjoy water sports even if they do not wish to go for any. The other facilities include meeting rooms, hair salon, video conferencing, childcare center, health centre, business centre and a library among others.

The amenities that the residents have access to are amazing. When they come for a visit to Dubai, they find that everything in the area is very well decorated and functional. The furniture is all styled according to the taste of the residents and you can feel that your home is somewhere close to the Dubaiscape. The area has everything for the children to enjoy like the shops where they can purchase various items for themselves. The children can also enjoy activities such as karting and paintballing.

There are restaurants in the area where the residents can have local and international cuisines served to them. These restaurants cater to all kinds of tastes and the residents are always offered a range of options. The city offers residents great living conditions and all the amenities that they need. The area has twenty five restaurants that serve different cuisines to the residents and visitors alike.

The residents’ houses have twenty two rooms each that have been furnished according to the preference of the residents. Each room has its own bathroom and a separate bedroom. There is a pool and children play area within the premises of the residences. The houses are located on Dubai Burj Al Arab which offers residents easy accessibility to the main city. The Burj Al Arab has many shops and businesses as well as different kinds of facilities for residents’ relaxation.

The residents’ houses also come with high speed Internet connections and satellite television services. The area has Wi-Fi access and digital telephone access in the area. The area is perfect for holiday makers and travelers who are looking for an ideal place to live in Dubai. There are many hotels that come under the same building and they provide all the facilities that the residents require.