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Cancer & Sagittarius Marriage Compatibility

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Today, we will talk about the compatibility between Cancer and Sagittarius when they are in a relationship. One can also consult an astrologer with their birth chart to get the marriage compatibility.

Let’s get started-

Cancer & Sagittarius Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

When it comes to sexual intimacy, the first thing is that a Cancer and Sagittarius will never get attracted to each other. Even if they do by any chance, the changing nature of Sag will irritate Cancer often. Only if they can reach each other’s core and share the bond of trust, the relationship between these two is possible.

Cancer needs a partner who understands their emotional side first; only then can sex be initiated and enjoyed by the two. If it happens, the spicy nature of Sag in bed will always keep the moments sizzling and experimental.

Cancer & Sagittarius Trust

Sagittarius would not make Cancer feel great when it comes to trust and assurance in a relationship. The reason is Sag is ruled by Jupiter, and people ruled by it tend to spread their aroma of seductive skills around. This means that they are often behind beauty and every person who seems attractive to them.

A Sag will feel the need to win everyone’s heart around, and Cancer will experience difficulty with the flirting nature of their partner. This will give birth to many misunderstandings and fights, leading the relationship to downfall.

Cancer & Sagittarius Communication and Intellect

Both signs might have some major intellectual differences; however, if they are already in love, they can talk about wonderful things together. With a mutual love for each other and deep understanding, their discussions will be meaningful, and they will find their belief system almost similar.

Also, if they both are passionate about the same things, then the communication will be even more interesting. They would make the communication work because they understand how each other’s minds work, and it will also solve many disputes between them.

Additionally, they should have their birth chart read by an astrologer for more accurate prediction.

Cancer & Sagittarius Emotions

Both signs feel the emotions differently and at a different pace. Sag represents changes and passion as being a Fire sign. Cancer being a Water sign is much more concerned about their emotional state, and they might take huge turns but at a slow pace.

Sag wants someone who is as passionate as them and can surprise them on a regular basis. However, Cancer is a slow sign as they process their emotions first and take decisions at a slow pace.

To make the relationship work, Sag would need to slow down a little bit and understand the pace of their Cancer partner. They will have to understand that a Cancer wants emotional security and assurance to be in the relationship. In return, their Cancer partner will give every bit of them to the relationship and would make them feel a Sag loved like heaven.

Cancer & Sagittarius Shared Activities

There won’t be many activities these signs will share together. This is because both signs use their energies differently, and their speed of performing tasks is way diverse. This can also make them forever separated when it comes to doing things together. They might handle their own business without including the other.

For example, while reading a book, a Cancer might feel their partner is too quick to observe any paragraph well. On the other hand, a Sag might look their partner irritating, who is way slow and irritating.


When it comes to compatibility, Cancer and Sagittarius might not go very well. Even if they do, their relationships would have many ups and downs. To make the relationship work, they would need huge love and attraction for each other. They will have to strongly support each other and assure that they are the trustable partner; only then can it be a matter of the long term.

If other planets are beneficial and compatible with each other, this duo can survive and live well together. Cancer can reach the depth of the Sag’s heart, and Sag can widen the horizon of their shy Crab while showing that it is not a shame to live the life.

Check your marriage compatibility for marriage with your partner by calling a professional astrologer and having your birth chart read.