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How To Take Care Of Your Home Appliances For Their Long Life


Your home holds a collection of electronic appliances, some for winters and some for summers. You have spent huge pennies on their purchase, taking care of them for their long life is beneficial. To achieve this, what you need to do is to perform the continuance at regular intervals. 

Be it your refrigerator, dishwasher, and other appliances, that are your day-to-day use appliances are often mistaken by the sense that they will just keep working all by themselves. The truth is that they need our helping hand now and then,

Here, we will discuss some of the important appliances like the air conditioning Sydney we have at our home and how they can be taken care of for their long life. 


A daily use appliance that stocks your essentials! The refrigerator needs regular cleaning of condenser coils, and it must be done. What these coils do is remove heat from the inside of the fridge and keep the refrigerator cold. These coils can be cinched by dust and other debris which may lead to overheating of the motor. As a result, the functioning of the refrigerator gets affected.

How you can clean the coils by taking a vacuum with a brush attachment and going over the coils to get the dirt off from it. A simple process, isn’t it?

The next thing that needs maintenance is the rubber seal along the door edge of the fridge, which keeps the warm air out. If it starts cracking somehow, it covers the tight air seal and warm air can trickle in. Your food will no longer be kept cold. Thus, it needs to be checked and replaced when required. Petroleum jelly is useful to keep the seal protected from cracking.

The freezer is another important thing that needs regular inspection. Try not to keep the freezer too full, as the more you have in the freezer, the less it requires to work to keep it chill inside. So, don’t stuff your freezer and let the vents free from blockages. 


Not everyone has this appliance, but if you have, it requires care too. What you need to do is to clean the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher regularly. It is generally present beneath the bottom sprayer and catches any larger food bits. Regular cleaning will ensure that the drain hose doesn’t get clogged. 

Similar to the refrigerator, the dishwasher needs not to be overloaded. If you do so, the water will not be able to cross other dishes that need to be cleaned and you need to redo the process of cleaning the dishes by hand instead. 

Moreover, running your kitchen drain and letting the water get hot before starting the process of the dishwasher will save your energy and time rather than heating the element to heat the water before washing dishes. 

Lastly, if a glass breaks into your dishwasher, it needs to be cleaned up. Make sure you get every piece out of the dishwasher, but your hands are not a safe option. A shop vacuum is the best alternative because even the small pieces can cut through the seal and let the water into the motor. 

Air Conditioner 

The home air conditioning system contains two parts mainly – condenser (which is a big box along with huge fans outside the house) and the next is the evaporator coils (that sit above the furnace where the HVAC system is)

What you can do is remove a control panel and investigate the evaporator coils and fins. If you find a build-up of dirt there, it can be vacuumed out and get it cleaned by yourself. In case of ice freezing over the coils, a professional is required to repair it. 

For the condenser, make sure it is free from the wreckage. Bring out some time to clean off the radiator fins both from inside and outside by hosting it down. The big fan can be removed with the help of screws, allowing you to access it from inside. 

In addition to this, if there are obstructions on the way, try to get rid of them. Many of the homeowners like to hide their condensers with bushes and shades, but letting this part of machinery free with the drifting wind all around it. Hire the experts of air conditioning in Sydney to get all the work done related to your air conditioners.

If you want your appliances to have a longer life, keeping them clean and maintaining them is required. Some are easy to repair by yourself; some need professional help to keep it going like ducted air conditioning Sydney installation and other related services. Each of the appliances has its own working structure, so needs to be treated with individual care & attention.