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Certified Organic Specialty Products Is a Hot Trend

Certified Organic Specialty Products
Certified Organic Specialty Products

The market for Certified Organic Specialty Products is exploding. There is a growing demand for safe, effective products derived from sustainable, organic agricultural production. As a result, farmers who grow specialty crops are able to get high-paying contracts from major cosmetic companies, including makeup lines. This has created a “buyer’s market” where consumers pay a premium for quality rather than brand. The following article will provide insight into how you can make your own organic specialty products and tap into this huge untapped market.

Start with researching about the Products

Start by researching organic agriculture in the world today. You can learn about new hybrid varieties, crop improvement techniques, soil conservation methods and more. Find out about companies that farm organically and work with local, sustainable agriculture. When you have a good education about organic agriculture, you are ready to design your own organic specialty products.

Look for companies that offer certification to ensure that the ingredients used are truly organic. Look for a seal of approval from an independent agency such as the USDA. You should also inquire about “green” seal of approval from the Rain forest Alliance or National Wildlife Federation. A specialty processor that works with the seal of approval certified companies will have confidence that their product is not only safe, but also pure and of high quality.

Certified Organic Specialty Products
Certified Organic Specialty Products

Find several options online

Researching online allows you to be your own consumer inspector. You can learn the truth about the environment and possible hazards associated with non-organic products. Many specialty products must meet certain criteria set forth by the USDA. It is best to learn everything you can before you begin buying.

Find out what happens to the food once it leaves the farm. Do animals receive hormone treatment? How is the water tested for contamination? Look for certification from third-party certification agencies such as The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is better for your business and for the environment to make your specialty products organically grown.

Be sure to ask all the important questions. Does the company ship to your area? Is the product certified? Is there a warranty or guarantee?

Don’t buy any specialty products unless you do your homework. Research the companies that produce and import the products that interest you. Buy only from trusted retailers or wholesalers. Consider working with a small local retailer when you launch your product line.

Certified Organic Specialty Products
Certified Organic Specialty Products

How these products should be handle?

Once you’ve decided on a specialty product, consider how it should be manufactured. Particular care should be taken in packing organic foods. Gaps in the packaging are a problem. Make sure the manufacturer uses an effective air sealing method. Also, be careful about the type of packing materials used.

Be wary of imitations. The most popular way to package specialty foods is in glass jars. Avoid plastic jars unless you are certain they are resistant to UV light. Even then, plastic should be used sparingly. Heat causes plastic to degrade over time. In the same way that glass jars decay, so too does cardboard.

Shop around. You should also consider the cost and look for companies offering free shipping or other types of incentives. Some specialty companies have lower costs than others, but that shouldn’t deter you from ordering from them. The best thing to do, however, is to read customer reviews and check with your local chamber of commerce and consumer affairs agencies to find reputable dealers. There are certified organic specialty products available! One can check out websites like allyorganic.com to buy the certified specialty products.