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List Of Cheapest Countries For You To Visit

Cheapest Countries

People throughout the world are itching to get out and travel after the various lockdowns and border closures of 2020. Especially during the December Global Holidays, we’ve all spent a lot of time at home, reading, watching movies, and scrolling through social media, enthralled by photographs and videos of exotic locations. As soon as the borders reopen, seasoned travelers like myself are ready to schedule a flight elsewhere. And there are plenty of first-time tourists who have never felt more motivated to travel.


Southeast Asia is known for being a budget travel destination. It’s also breathtakingly gorgeous, with art, history, delectable cuisine, religious architecture, and breathtaking natural scenery.


Laos is another Southeast Asian country with a low cost of living. This country is ideal for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike, with its gleaming Buddhist monasteries, verdant woods, and cascading waterfalls.


Bulgaria, an unpretentious Eastern country that remains largely off the beaten path, is hard to beat for low pricing in Europe. Tourists from surrounding countries flock to Bulgaria in the summer to enjoy the Black Sea at bargain prices, but the country is quiet the rest of the year wall mirrors. That means no large crowds, no noise, and no exorbitant expenses for lodging, food, and attraction admission.


Unless you’re planning a full-fledged guided journey up Mount Everest, which isn’t inexpensive, Nepal is incredibly affordable. Even better, you can still do a lot of hiking and even climbing for very little money. Even lengthy treks, such as an 11-day hike in Langtang Valley, will set you back only a few hundred dollars, less than a fraction of the cost of a journey to Everest Base Camp.


Guatemala is a beautiful country with diversified geography. Because it is located just below Mexico and is so near to the United States, you can find flights there for as little as USD 100.

Guatemala is home to vibrant Mayan culture. Many natives wear traditional clothing and live as their forefathers did. Other indigenous languages, in addition to Spanish, are likely to be heard here. Within Guatemala’s borders are seaside towns, highlands and mountains, and tropical rainforests.


Morocco is one of those places where, depending on your choices, you might spend a lot of money or spend very little. Visiting Morocco’s famous Marrakesh bazaar, for example, can be expensive — especially if you’re looking for handwoven rugs or painted glass — but if you learn to haggle as your life depends on it, you’ll be able to find some bargains.


It is simple to travel around Portugal on a budget thanks to the excellent bus, tram, and train connections. While Lisbon is slightly more expensive, eating and entertainment in the rest of the country are relatively affordable – even popular beach sites like Camilo Beach in the Algarve can be visited on a budget if you plan and don’t need to sleep on the beach. Portugal is one of the best places to visit during the December Global Holidays. To know more about it, you can click on the link here: https://www.fnbbuzz.com/tips/december-global-holidays/


Colombia, located in northern South America, is an underappreciated tourism destination. Colombia has something for everyone, from magnificent beaches and marine life on the coast to colorful architecture and medieval settlements interior leatherette sofa set.

Touring coffee plantations, ascending volcanoes, walking in national parks, snorkeling near the northern beaches, and exploring the cities of Medellin and Cartagena are all popular activities to do in Colombia.


Poland is a fantastic destination for history buffs. You won’t have to pay more than $5 or $10 to visit some of the country’s most popular attractions, which include museums and historical sites. Poland also has a lot of colorful, picturesque architecture, which you can freely enjoy and photograph.