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Cheapest Places to Explore in Osaka 2021


Osaka is one of Japan’s most beautiful and largest cities, situated on the southernmost coast of western Honshu. The beauty of this city attracts millions and millions of tourists from each corner of the globe every year. Due to its river, watercourses, canals and thousands of bridges – Osaka is globally known as the “Venice of the East.” Since its inception due to the Japanese Empire, it is referred to as the most modern city of Japan, and still, it claims its title as one of the modern cities in Japan. In this gorgeous city, you will get a chance to witness several kinds of modern and historic architecture along with the spectacular museums, art galleries, theatre, music venues, and modern entertainment area. 

Are you getting excited about the amazing facts about Osaka, Japan? Are you looking to plan an exciting vacation to Osaka? But, your budget is tight, that’s why you want to know about the cheapest places where you can explore and enjoy your holiday in Osaka. Well, if this is the problem, then don’t worry; here, in this blog, you will find a list of the cheapest places where you can explore Osaka with your family and friends. 

So, please don’t waste your time, pack your bags and let’s go for an exciting vacation to Osaka.

  • Witness the beauty of Osaka Castle, Japan.

This beautiful castle of Osaka, Japan, was built in 1586, and since its inception, this gorgeous Osaka Castle has been the prime destination of Osaka. The beauty of this castle is impeccable. Even destroyed by invaders countless times, this castle still holds one of the most attractive castles in Japan. So if you want to visit here, you need to make Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

  • Let’s pray at Shitenno-Ji Temple.

Shitenno-Ji Temple is a globally renowned temple of Osaka, Japan, which has existed since AD 59. It is also the first Buddhist Temple in Japan. Many believers visit here from all over the globe every year to feel the ambiance of this ancient temple. 

  • Explore the mesmerizing Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is one of the best tourist destinations in Osaka, Japan. Here in this aquarium, you will get a chance to see several species of marine life along with the tour of Monterey Bay and the Great Barrier Reef. This massive aquarium contains 27 tanks, and the deepest one is around nine meters deep. 

  • Enjoy exploring at the Tempozan Ferris Wheel and Harbor Village.

If you are in Osaka, Japan, you should plan a tour of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel. This 112 meters tall and 100 meters diameter massive Ferris wheel can offer you the best view of Osaka. Apart from this, the harbor village also has some of the best attractions for its visitors. 

  • Embrace the beauty of the Kobe Port Tower.

The Kobe Port Tower is considered one of the national landmarks of Japan. The iconic tower represents the modern technologies and high-end working abilities of Japan. This amazing tower was built and opened in 1963, and even after the earthquake, this massive tower stands alright. 

  • Let’s visit the legendary Tsutenkaku Tower.

This is undoubtedly one of the legendary destinations in Osaka. It is also one of the oldest towers in Osaka that makes it one among the two iconic towers of Osaka. This massive tower is situated in the city center. It was built to replicate the structure and the design of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Explore the National Museum of Art.

If you love exploring museums and are fond of art, the National Museum of Art will be the best destination in Osaka. This iconic and beautiful museum was opened in 1977 and had one of the largest collections in Japan. Here, you will witness some of the post-war period art of Kuniyoshi, Foujita, Picasso and Cezanne. 

  • Witness the beauty of Osaka Tennoji Zoo and Park.

Osaka Tennoji Zoo and Park is one of the ultimate tourist destinations in Osaka that attracts countless numbers of tourists from each corner of the world every year. This beautiful zoo was opened in 1915 and is famous for its cherry blossoms. Spring is the best time to visit this zoo and park. 

  • Let’s visit the Osaka Science Museum.

The Osaka Science Museum mostly looks like the bridge of a large cargo ship. This massive science museum of Osaka was opened in 1989 and since then, it has attracted many tourists from different continents and countries. If you have kids or children in your vacation squad, this museum could be the best place. They can learn many scientific technologies and techniques from this museum. If you want to visit here, you need to choose Hawaiian Airlines Book A Flight option. 

  • End your vacation by exploring The Umeda Sky Building. 

The Umeda Sky Building is one of the greatest examples of Japan’s modern technologies and high-end strategies. The two towers joined at the top by a large bridge make it unique and exciting for the tourists. From the top of this building, you can take the best shot of Osaka.