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Check Out The Top Technology Influencer In India From 2021

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Are you passionate to know about the latest technology? Are you one of the tech freaks? Is your browser filled up with the history of the tech blogs India website? Here is the right place for the finding of some of the best influential technology bloggers. Here side you can check out an offer with well curate list of the technology influencers.

One can help the person make the influential top tech blogs in India for blogging frequency. It includes the quality of content, web ranking, domain authorities and also expert niches.

If you are interested in checking more influencers on the best tech blogs in India, then check out here. It will help one to do digital marketing for the brands. So let’s check it out as mentioned below.

  • Shradha Sharma

Shardha Sharma is the only female coming up as technology blogs India for the people. She has got fame globally, which you can check from YourStory.com. She has written some of India’s most significant types of internet startups in the house for aiming and bringing it for the untold stories of entrepreneurship in India. Even you can find her blogs on investors, success stories, leaders, innovators and lots more. It can help one to get knowledge and ability for making the forecast trends.

  • Raju PP

He has written many blogs on electronic and communication engineer. Also, this person has completed the Technical specialist at Infosys. It can help one to follow the passion for blogging in the year 2009. He has made the tech blogs India gets as the founder of the tech aspects for ranking from SEO rankings. It has made the sharing tips and guides for the making the technology more friendly. Therefore the TechPP gets one among the list of top web entrepreneurs for people.

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee

For the people, one can check for the founder as CEO of the guiding media, Abhijeet Mukherjee. He has made top tech blogs in India for tech content destinations for India with enabling readers to make a purchase decision. It can help one to provide solutions to computer problems. It can help one introduce new apps for the readers’ tools and publish the depth of the article and insights with all kinds of consumer tech topics.

  • Sandeep Jain

Sandeep Jain has completed the education from the Roorkee alumnus from best tech blogs in India with a passion for solving problems. It can make relations with system programming. He had made the portal for providing the information, comprehensive and explanation with variety of selected questions. It can help one to make the programming, algorithm and interview.

  • Prabhudesai

He has made the Trak. in as the leading Indian telecom technology blogs India for people. He has started this system in the year 2007. He has also founded Arun Prabhudesai. Therefore he had followed the internet geek talks from the telecomm internet and mobile. So it has an ideal reason for keeping readers in touch with all the latest Indian Businesses and startups.


Here one can check the top tech influences from the people. It will help one to make the structures in a better manner.