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Check The List Of The Most Handsome Hollywood Actors 2022


Hollywood has become one of the biggest film industries in the world. The industry has produced many actors and some of them have become popular throughout the world. The reason behind their popularity is the characters they played well as well as their beauty and look that have admired the people from across the world. Here we are going to discuss the most handsome Hollywood actors of 2022. So, lets’ start here;

1.     Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise filmography - Wikipedia

Anyone who is familiar with Hollywood industry will obviously familiar with the name of Tom Cruise. A lot of hit Hollywood movies are on the credit of Tom. Because of his acting skills, as well as, his amazing look and beauty he has won many hearts from across the world. Currently, he does not only work as a Hollywood actor, but he has also made his name as one of the best filmmaker in Hollywood.

2.     Brad Pitt

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William Bradley Pitt, also known as Brad Pitt, is one of the most handsome Hollywood actors. He is well-known as a Hollywood actor, director and producer. From A River Runs Through It to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, he entertained his fans with amazing characters and stories. This is the reason that he has made a huge fan base from across the world. Fans who are waiting for Brad Pitt movies, soon will see him with amazing acting and production sills.

3.     Matt Damon

I lost £200m by not doing Avatar – no one's turned down more money than me,  says Matt Damon

Do you remember a boy with the character of Jason Bourne? No doubt, Matt Damon has got much fame through his film series Bourn. Besides this he appeared in several other Hollywood movies and people, throughout the world, love his characters as well as acting skills. He does not only work as an actor, but he has also got success in the field of filmmaking and screenwriting. His fans may see him with new characters and looks in 2022.

4.     Mark Wahlberg

How Mark Wahlberg Became Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actor

Mark is a multitalented man who is known as a Hollywood actor, filmmaker, model, rapper, songwriter, and a businessman. He is also considered as one of the most handsome Hollywood actors. He has given super hit movies throughout his career. Because of his amazing work he got many titles throughout his career, including best paid screen actor and Hollywood walk of fame. Today, he has made a huge fan base and people from across the world show their love to him.

5.     Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds wants to be the new James Bond - Market Research Telecast

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian-American film actor, comedian, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He started his acting career in 1991 and right from that time he gave excellent work in the acting field. After getting success in acting, he also started working as a filmmaker and screenwriter, which became the reasons for him to be a most popular celebrity. Besides this, he is also considered as one of the most handsome Hollywood actors.

6.     Chris Pine

Chris Pine se une al reparto de la película 'A Wrinkle In Time'

Chris Pine gave his debut in 2004 when he appeared in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. After giving his successful debut, he gave many super hit movies. Because of his beauty and handsomeness he won many hearts. People from across the world show their loves for him and appreciate his acting skills. His fans may see him with new and amazing roles in 2022.

7.     Chris Harmsworth

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Chris is an Australian actor who is working in Hollywood film industry and is well-known for his character Thor. No doubt, he got much fame because of this character. Besides, this he gave many other super hit movies throughout his career. His attractive body features and height made him the most handsome Hollywood actor and today he has made a huge fan base.

8.     Chris Evans

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Chris Evans is another Hollywood actor who is listed among the most handsome Hollywood actors. Throughout his career he gave super hit movies with amazing character. Marvel series and Captain America are known as his best work. He is still active in this field and may come with his new characters in 2022.

9.     Leonardo DiCaprio

Roles Leonardo DiCaprio Should've Said No To

Leonardo is am American actor who got much fame because of his amazing character Jack in a super hit movie Titanic. After getting success in this movie, he made many other amazing movies. His amazing lead role in Revenant made him able to receive an Academy award for best actor.

10.     Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill slams critics, says he's 'very happy in love'

Henry Cavill is a British actor who played amazing characters in Man of Steel, Superman, Immortal, and many others. No doubt, all these characters have made him a successful Hollywood actor. At the same time, because of his beauty and handsomeness, he has won many hearts and has made a huge fan base.

The Bottom Line

These are the characters and stories that make the chance of an actor to do something extra and make their own fan base. No doubt, because of their amazing acting skills, all these mentioned actors have become the successful Hollywood celebrities. At the same time, they are beautiful and handsome enough to enlisting among the most handsome actors in Hollywood. You can get the complete profiles of your favourite Hollywood actors at celebritybasics.com, a platform that provides all the potential and updated information of the worlds’ most famous celebrities.