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Choose a Traditional Persian Rug for a Dining Room


Placing a traditional Persian rug in dining rooms radically chances the space. Instead of a place to eat, a traditional rug turns a dining room into a place to gather, to talk, and to enjoy the company of family and friends. A traditional Per

sian rug makes a dining room into another family room and a place to remain.

Selecting a traditional rug for a dining room is different from choosing one for elsewhere in the home. Traditional Persian rugs lend themselves well for dining room use as they have a high knot count, making them tougher than rugs with lower knot counts. Persian rugs have higher knot counts because of the way they are made, and also due to the strength of the designs. The more design basics on a rug, the more knots are needed to create the details. Even if a rug does not have a dense, complicated design, ask the traditional rug dealer about the knot count and fiber content of any rug under deliberation.

Fiber content is also very essential for a rug that will undergo heavy use. The vast majority of traditional Persian rugs, and new Persian rugs, are made of wool. Wool is a wonderful fabric for dining room rugs as wool is hearty. It cleans simply, withstands wear and tear, and hold shape and color beautifully. Wool rugs should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt, sand, and other loose particles. If babies or kids will be eating in the dining room, it is a superior idea to put down a splat matt to protect the rug until the children are big sufficient to not make large messes when they eat.

Size is very important when selecting a traditional Persian rug for the dining room. The rug should be large enough to contain the table and chairs, even when the chairs are pulled out with people sitting in them. A immediate rule of thumb for finding the right size rug is that a table with 4 chairs requirements a 6 foot by 9 foot rug to house it. However, tables differ drastically in size, so it is a very superior idea to measure the table and chairs and the size of the room, and have that information on hand at the traditional rug dealer showroom.

While size and work are the technical considerations of traditional Persian rug shopping, color and design matter only in that they please the owner. Some rug shoppers prefer small, complicated designs and bright colors, while others prefer open designs in muted colors, or any arrangement thereof. Many traditional rug dealers offer plans where rugs may be taken house on approval. Ask if the dealer offers this alternative, and know what the terms of comeback are. If a rug doesn’t work out as well in the dining room as it seemed to have in the store, return it and try impressive different. Making note of what didn’t work will help the traditional rug dealer help the client find a rug that will turn the dining room into a easy space to linger.


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