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Choosing a Multi function Printer: Types and Models


See the definitive walk through for you to choose a multi function printer that meets all your needs. Whether for academic, professional or personal purposes, having a printer can mean more savings, practicality and convenience for your daily life.

Walk through: How to Choose a Multi function Printer

1. Take a mental stock of your Needs:

The first step in choosing a multi function printer is to identify your demand. Factors such as daily print volume, whether prints are going to be black and white or color, and whether the material to be printed must be of high quality are crucial in determining your printer’s type and capabilities.

Remember that multi function printers not only print, they also scan, copy and send faxes. They are ideal for the day-to-day life of students, self-employed professionals and those working as a home office, for offices and companies of different sizes.

Having a multi function printer is also ideal for people who are used to handling documents, invoices, bills and printed vouchers and who also enjoy printing photos.

2. Laser or inkjet: which type of printing is best for you:

Choosing a laser all-in-one printer is ideal for anyone who needs to do more black-and-white prints. In laser printers, the famous ink cartridges are replaced by toner that, despite being more expensive, ends up having a better cost-benefit ratio.

Now, if you need to print more documents in color and with a higher level of detail, inkjet printers have better performance, even though an ink cartridge prints a lower volume of prints. Inkjet printers are indicated for those who need to print a smaller volume of prints more sporadically. Here is  the list of laser printer in India

The good news is that nowadays, there are modern and economical MFPs that instead of using the cartridge, they use the ink tanks.

3. Type of connectivity:

In general, all-in-one printers available on the market have 3 connection types: USB, Ethernet and Wi-fi. If you are going to use your printer only with a desktop computer, choosing a printer with a USB connection will solve your problems.

Now, if you need to connect your all-in-one printer to multiple computers, the best connectivity option is Ethernet. And if you intend to use it with notebooks, computers and even smartphones that are not close to each other, the Wi-Fi connection is the best for you.

4. Choose the resolution:

The two most common resolutions for multi function printers are 600 dpi and 1200 dpi. The relationship is straightforward: the higher the resolution, the more detailed and sharp your print will be. If your focus is printing text documents, a 600 dpi MFP is fine for you. The 1200 dpi ones are best for those who need to print more photos, images and graphics.

5. Operating System:

Last but not least, make sure your computer or notebook operating system is compatible with your printer driver installation.

Best Multi function Printer Models to Buy This Year
Now that you know how to choose an all-in-one printer, check out some of the featured models

Multi functional Ink Tank Epson Eco tank L395:

Printer is lightweight, practical and easy to install and use. The Epson Ecotank L395 MFP is one of the most recommended for those who need to print a large volume of pages per month, in color and black and white.

It has a Wi-Fi connection, meaning you can send prints directly from your smartphone, tablet or notebook. This all-in-one is also connected to Epson’s iPrint app. To top it off, it is a very economical printer, both in terms of ink and energy. It’s worth the investment!

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Brother All-in-One DCP-L2540DW Wi-Fi Monochrome Laser
If you are looking for an all-in-one printer to print black and white documents in your office or home office, the Brother DCP-L2540DW will meet all your needs.

It is practical, easy to use and easy to install, connecting easily via Wi-Fi or your company’s Ethernet. If you need to print between 2,000 and 10,000 pages a month, in addition to scanning documents and making copies, this is your printer.

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HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2676 All-in-One
Compact, affordable and with a modern design. The Ink Advantage 2676 from HP is an inkjet all-in-one designed for those who print a low-medium volume of documents and photos per month. Great for personal and everyday use.

It has Wi-Fi and USB connectivity and is compatible with Windows and MAC OS computers and notebooks. You can also install the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app on your smartphone and let you print and scan documents right from your mobile phone.

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Canon All-in-One Pixma MAXX Ink G3100 Wireless Ink Tank
If you need equipment to make high quality prints, especially photos and images, then this is the printer for you. With printing done through ink tanks, it combines quality printing with economy.

Canon’s Pixma MAXX Inta G3100 also provides direct connection to Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. The printer also comes with My Image Garden, Canon’s photo printing and editing software.