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How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands

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In order to get sponsored by the clothing brands, you have to first become a micro-influencer to get sponsored by the clothing brands. One of the vital processes is to create yourself as a brand where your audience views you as your friend and a trusted guide before making any purchase. Building trust as an influencer is hard but not impossible. No matter whether you have 100 followers or 100K followers, these eight strategies will help you build your followers and get sponsorships from brands that you want to work with.

Create yourself as a Brand!

Creating your brand consists of defining your liking and specificity within the industry. For example, you can build your niche within the lifestyle industry by promoting athleisure garments, casual styling, street fashion, or high-end fashion. When you are branding yourself, try to figure out the exact audience you want to interact with. This will also help you create better posts in terms of styling, and the message you want to showcase. But, trying hard to create aesthetic posts make sure to be unique through your feeds so that every time your audience looks into them, they know it’s you. Another part of branding can also include developing your own website that is similar to your social accounts and pages.

Understand your Target Audience!

As an influencer, it is pivotal to clearly understand your niche on the very first day. When you are clear with your target audience, the brands can identify you better and you as a sponsor. By gathering information such as gender, location and the most important age. To be an effective influencer, you should also analyze the time when your audience is active. Being clear with all these factors will be fruitful when partnering with other clothing brands at the time of the sponsorship.

Analyze the Frequency of the Posts!

Every platform requires a different format and different timings for posting.  For example, CoSchedule in a study reported, successful Instagram influencer posts once a day and a maximum of thrice a day. The study also showed the time between 8 AM and 9 AM to be the most suitable time slot and apart from the morning 2 PM in the afternoon is another preferable time. While this is a study, but one should always analyze the best time after viewing the analytics as the audience differs as per the niche. 

Use The Correct Hashtags!

We all know that hashtags are very common these days but the correct usage and the correct hashtags should be a priority to get sponsored by clothing brands. It allows the content to be discovered easily and is also necessary to increase your followers. In 2016 when the hashtags became a trend, Social Media Today reported that the best audience engagement is by using nine hashtags while you have an opportunity of using 30 hashtags in a single post. But, when using the hashtags you have to be careful with the hashtags as they should be relevant to your audience and the niche. If in case you want to cater to a specific geographic location, use geotags. Doing so will help you get sponsored by the brands looking for local influencers.  

Tag Brands You Wear And Like!

Working as a social media influencer or a clothing influencer and not targeting the brands you wear then you are making the biggest mistake ever. It not only gives quality to your posts but adds authenticity as an influencer. We also recommend you start with tagging small companies and start-ups and promote them via your posts. For example, you bought Katmandu hoodies, now tag them in your posts wearing them and give a review. Trust us, this will help you in the long run. 

These are the top five strategies on how to get sponsored by clothing brands and become an influencer. Last but not least, include contact information like an email where the brand can contact you easily. 


In case you are still unsure how to get sponsored by clothing brands and become a social media or a lifestyle influencer, contact an influencer PR agency who can guide you and help you get sponsorships. There are many over 46 brands that are currently looking for clothing influences, so why wait anymore? Contact A fluencer today.