Common Workout Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

Making mistakes is part of learning. Truth be told, it is through mistakes that we learn so much about so many things. Mistakes add to the experience and make us wise. They are an essential … Read More

Making mistakes is part of learning. Truth be told, it is through mistakes that we learn so much about so many things. Mistakes add to the experience and make us wise. They are an essential part of learning and growing. Learning applies to all aspects of life. Even fitness. Everything that you do, there is possibly a way to do it better. When we talk about working out at the gym, for most, this is the ultimate devotion they have towards their health. They are going to the gym daily and working out.

But, the gains or the performance isn’t quite what they have in mind. What could they be doing wrong? Today, we are going to talk about that. Sure, the internet has tons of stuff written on the most important dos and don’ts of working out. But the amount of data that is available out there, it becomes a tad tough to know exactly what is the right path to follow.

To save themselves from the confusion, people end up making their own rules sometimes. And that’s why they make mistakes while working out that impacts their workout. We shall discuss some of them here.

Let’s start:

Ignoring Warm-Ups

One of the biggest mistakes many people in the gym do is not warming up or not warming up properly. Most of us are not active particularly due to the long hours at the desk. So, one must focus on warm-up before starting a workout out. It regulates the temperature and boosts the performance as well.

To think that jogging or running at the treadmill for 10-15 minutes is enough, it is not. You have to do a proper warmup. See that whatever activity you are doing:

  • Boost core temperature
  • Motivate the shoulders, hips, and ankles.
  • Trigger the nervous and hormonal systems.
  • Important muscles like glutes get activated.

You could even use dynamic stretches and foam rolling. This shall help you in prepping your body and allow you to maintain a quality workout.

Incorrect Breathing

Another common mistake that might hamper your workout. When you are working out, you have to make sure that you use your diaphragm properly to breathe deeply. But people don’t focus on it and use the mouth and chest breathing. Many are unaware of the fact that it can lead to a variety of issues such as blood pressure, anxiety, and muscular tightness.

Moreover, experts recommended that you should breathe through your nose and exhale using the mouth when you are exercising.

Lifting Too Heavy Too Soon

A common name for this is ego lifting. For quick results. Most are of the idea that lifting heavy weights is going to help you bulk up fast. However, you need to focus on your diet as well. But you cannot challenge yourself right from the beginning.

When it comes to lifting weights, you should know that you cannot tire yourself out, burn out, and call it challenging yourself. It is not. Without proper training or gradually getting to heavier weights, you may end up hurting yourself and do not get any results. No way that is going to help you build muscle mass. Look for a weight that shall allow you to have a good form and challenge yourself as well.

Do full reps of a lightweight. If you are easily capable of doing more reps than you intended to do, then try increasing the weight. And if you are unable to complete the set, reduce it.

Less Exercise & More Socializing

There is no harm in making friends at the gym. One should have a workout partner, a gym buddy. However, many spend most of their time talking at the gym. And of course, when you are with a friend you get to talking and an hour has passed. Focus on your workout first and you can save the chit chat for later.

Focus on Form

You should know that proper form is a must. A quite common mistake many gym goers make is not having a proper form. The main reason being a poor technique. This can lead to several issues. At the same time, it can also increase the chances of pains, aches, and injuries. Usually, you can use any equipment you want once you get the gym membership.  However, you need professional help. They can tell you how to do it right.

No Intensity

A lot of people are just doing monotonous activities. It may look like they are working out. However, they are just going through the motions. They are of the idea that since they are moving, they are going to lose weight or get in shape. But there has to be intensity in your movement. If it’s not there, you are just wasting time. Along with it, see that you work out for longer. Add to the weights and distance. And cross-training. You can also maximize your bodyweight while working out. You can use ankle weights or a weighted vest for that.

Not Being Careful with Supplements

Taking a supplement is rather common in fitness now. And although there is nothing wrong with taking supplements, many are either too skeptical of their use or on the brink of overdose. There are many things involved with supplements and steroids. Steroid abuse or overdose could have a massive impact on your health. Or can even prove to be fatal. So, you must not only care about the safe dosage but invest in the best quality steroids too. It is only real products that do not impact you negatively and bring amazing results as well.

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