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Commonwealth UK Scholarship: 6 Categories Of Scholarships That Are Offered Under The Following 6 themes

Commonwealth UK Scholarship

With the help of Commonwealth Scholarship UK there is no dearth of attractive scholarship options. The categories of study vary from year to year but most scholarships are targeted towards areas like business, law, medicine, nursing, engineering, social work, health administration and education. The following categories/lines of study are open to the international students who wish to apply for Commonwealth UK Scholarship:

Arts and Humanities

These are two of the most popular categories of study amongst international students. They provide the unique opportunity to participate in exciting postgraduate degree programs that prepare you for a bright future. As per the study outcomes, arts and humanities have shown significant contribution towards sustainable development. Therefore, these are some of the most appropriate subjects to pursue as part of your scholarship.

Business and accounting

Like the arts and humanities, this is one of the best categories of study that can be pursued as a part of your Commonwealth UK Scholarship. Students who score a good grade in this subject are highly eligible to apply for the 1st November 2021. Students opting for this subject can pursue either full time or part time studies. In order to apply, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the university.

Agriculture, allied sciences and technology:

This is another popular category of study which provides great scope for both students and professionals. Agriculture science and technologies are extremely important in today’s modern world. If you score good grade in this subject, you can easily apply for the scholarship program. In order to score good marks, you need to have a minimum grade of pass in the TOEFL iBT. You can also apply for a Masters degree in agriculture as well.

Computers and Electronics

With the increase in demand of computers and electronics in the market, there has been a tremendous growth in the IT industry. There is a huge demand for talented and skilled professionals in this field. This is also an area where a lot of job opportunities are provided by the British government. There are numerous scholarships available in this stream through the Commonwealth scholarship program. The process of selection is same as that of other programs but the entrance exam for the postgraduate degree is slightly different.


The field of psychology has opened new vistas for bright and talented minds all over the globe. Many students opt for this degree programs as it provides ample of career opportunities for them outside the university. However, there is a stiff competition among different universities for enrolling students for these scholarships. So, once you are aware of the university that offers the best scholarships in your home country, submit your curriculum vitae and request for evaluation of your academic records. For the evaluation, the candidate needs to present various documents such as the academic record, a sample of published work and certificates or diplomas obtained in the past few years.


A lot of students opt for political science as a subject to pursue while in UK. But many of them are unable to pursue this subject due to the restrictive scholarship policy. In case if the candidate is eligible for a Commonwealth Scholarship, he or she should ensure that he or she takes up an option like politics. Reading a little bit about the subject and following the recent developments in the universities in UK, the student may be eligible for a Commonwealth Scholarship in the future.


This is one of the fields, which has experienced a tremendous growth in the past few years. Farmers are now experiencing an increasing number of job openings and there has been a significant increase in the demand for trained agricultural workers. One cannot ignore the fact that agriculture contributes significantly to the GDP of almost every eligible country in the Commonwealth. Agriculture is in great demand and people with the requisite qualifications and experience can be employed by several pharmaceutical firms, food processors, animal feed manufacturers etc. Therefore, if you are a farmer or work in an agricultural sector in the UK, you can get a Commonwealth Scholarship.