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Communicating Brand Message through Custom Rigid Box Packaging

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Consumers use custom rigid box packaging to identify, categorize and differentiate products. Differentiation is essential on markets for low-differentiated goods. It is acknowledged that consumers make inferences about the brand and the product based on the custom rigid box packaging perception. The shapes and colors convey brand meaning and serve as cues for consumers to evaluate the brands. The shape and the color of the custom rigid boxes communicate different brand personalities.


For instance, when the packaging boxes are blue, the brand is perceived as more sophisticated and elegant than when the packaging boxes are yellow. Similarly, unique shaped boxes are seen as more sophisticated than regular shaped boxes—packaging or logo colors such as black, purple, and blue influence a brand’s perceived sophistication.


Packaging design and style elements (e.g., shape, materials, and graphics) are not directly related to the product content. However, research has shown that consumers draw inferences through implicit processes in which impressions derived from packaging attributes create expectations for subsequent product impressions. It has also been noticed that the consumers ‘use’ symbolic information connoted by packaging when they lack knowledge about a product, such as when they come across a new product and cannot evaluate relevant intrinsic attributes before purchase.


In such a case, consumers draw inferences about a product’s attributes or product quality based on its visual appearance.34 For example, healthcare products in green custom rigid boxes are perceived as more natural and organic than healthcare products packaged in blue custom rigid boxes wholesale. The taste of chocolates packaged in brown custom rigid boxes wholesale would be judged as purer and tasteful than other chocolates packaged in a yellow box. Moreover, it has been noticed that chocolates are considered to be tastier when the package presents an angular shape rather than a rounded shape. However, again there is no defined and absolute rule when it comes to designing. The brands can ask their rigid box manufacturers USA to create their packaging boxes in whatever color and shape they like. The Packaging Republic suggests you design your custom packaging boxes in a way that aligns with your brand personality and brand image. 


Custom Rigid Boxes Reflecting Environment-friendliness

As stated earlier, the packaging style elements have a strong influence and effect on the subsequent brand and product evaluations. Many rigid box manufacturers USA believe that less attention has been given to the specific impact of packaging style elements on the evaluations of packaging and product environment-friendliness and brand’s social responsibility. Considering the influence of an environment-friendly packaging box design on consumers’ brand impressions, the consumers often use naturalness as a proxy for environment-friendliness. The encased product of a packaging box, whose design speaks for originality, naturalness, and organic, is perceived as high quality, feminine, healthy, expensive, but good value for money. Such products evoke a sense of trust and confidence amongst the consumers. Custom boxes of organic or natural products are designed with a natural color scheme, organic versus geometric typography, and images and illustrations of elements of nature such as landscapes, plants, and vines. It has also been noticed that the consumers perceive paper-based packaging, easily recyclable, and reusable packaging as being more environment-friendly. Therefore, if your brand and businesses believe in corporate social responsibility and support sustainable packaging practices, it is best to communicate your brand’s message through your packaging style.