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Comparison between Epic EMR and Cerner EMR in 2021


EMRs are one of the most essential yet expensive investments made by healthcare systems and hospitals. Hence, opting for a good vendor also has a significant impact on a wide range of operations. Since healthcare systems merge and combine, EMRs play a vital role in optimizing functions and enhancing efficiency to a great level.

The war between Cerner and Epic has been observed in recent years as both compete to be the top product in the market. According to a report by KLAS last year Epic was slightly dominant by 28% over Cerner (26%) regarding overall market shares.

Which is better; Cerner EMR or EpicCare? Several firms prefer different types of EHR software. While determining which solution meets your requirements, you should think about evaluating various options feature by feature, keeping in view their costs and conditions. This will help you get a quick idea of their general performance and feedback by checking out our new scoring system.

Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Software and Epic EMR software the highest demanding software in the United States. Between this two software, it is evident that one would draw a comparison regarding its price, function, features, and customer service. Choosing an appropriate EMR software is a challenging task since you have to do detailed research to make an investment that will influence your medical practice. In this article, we will have an unbiased comparison between Cerner and EpicCare, helping you decide which is better for your needs.

The following things are to be discussed while comparing the two titans:

  • Offered features
  • Cost
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Customer service


Cerner EMR is a useful tool comprising collections and a set of combined electronic health record systems and clinical solutions. They are designed to smoothen the workflow of practitioners and physicians, reduce cost, and improve patient safety. Likewise, Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR is an electronic medical record system that offers fast and powerful tools to healthcare companies and organizations since they provide ambulatory prices.

Cerner EMR provides both offsite and onsite hosting for both; large and small practices as a customizable EHR software application. The main goal is to enhance the coordination of patient care and document by providing healthcare practitioners the access to enterprise-view of clinical data to construct and implement decisions that improve patient safety. Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR empowers patients by making them positive as they communicate with their physicians.

Last but not least, Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory HER is HIPAA compliant.

EpicCare is a beneficial health recording system with robust functionalities, detailed workflow design, a combination of chart views, a user-friendly interface, order management, and documentation. This physician-friendly electronic medical record software is suitable for large hospitals and 50-100 healthcare specialties. It assimilates the clinical and revenue cycle management system into an EMR software that aims to improve productivity at the physicians’ end by simplifying workflow, tracking bills and payment, etc.

The software is best suitable for large healthcare systems by offering multiple users to work parallel to the same documents. However, it is also helpful for smaller setups. It is also considered a mobile EMR solution that improves interoperability because it allows physicians and patients to access all the clinical information via their Apple devices.

Features and functionalities

Cerner EMR

  • Quick Select Charting
  • Powerful Connectivity
  • Active Clinical Documentation Tools
  • Automatic Texting
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Education Resources
  • Patient Education Resources
  • Detailed Scheduling Dashboard

Epic EMR

  • Predictive Analysis Predictive Analysis
  • Decision Support Tools Decision Support Tools
  • Population Health
  • Community Connect
  • Financial Module
  • Order Management
  • Telemedicine
  • Managed care
  • Patient engagement
  • Productive filtering tools

Pricing/ Cost

For EHR software, it is required to have the right budget since it is a considerable investment. Luckily this is not a problem for large medical setups that are financial firms to make an investment and improve their practices. The cost of software consists of the following element and their cost:

Maintenance cost

Implementation cost

Hardware setup cost

The prices are not disclosed to the public for both software vendors. But, an estimate of the pricing can be requested if there is a potential buyer. The pricing information is kept confidential, but Epic is a bit expensive than Cerner.

Interoperability and integrations

Integration and interoperability is an imperative feature of EMR systems that offer effectiveness in data-sharing with healthcare stakeholders. Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EMR Software consists of three platforms that connect external systems to help in flawless connectivity with administrative, clinical, and financial data. The structuring of APIs is another effort made by software vendors to increase interoperability and other EHR software, vendors.

On the contrary, Epic EMR software offers limited opportunities for interoperability and integration. Epic is not a part of CommoWell Health Alliance that is responsible for interoperability. However, Epic makes immense efforts over the past two years to keep a firm ground in the market regarding the exchange of data and integrations. It is a prominent member of the Carequality Interoperability Framework, which offers data sharing among more than 3000 clinics and public hospitals by implementing various EHR software systems. Epic software systems ensure robust connectivity to other EMR software systems.

Customer Support

Customer service is an imperative aspect when opting for a software vendor. Customer support that takes days to reply and is not reliable in catering to technical issues is not something you would want to invest in. thus, Epic and Cerner are devoted to offering prompt and fast customer support and service 24/7 to its users. Via reviews on FindEMR, we acknowledged that both the software have an accommodating and efficient professional technical staff. The software vendors now understand the importance of providing excellent customer support to their users.

This is a win-win for both the software. Both; Epic and Cerner are making great efforts to provide the healthcare industry with powerful EMR software solutions to make their operations effective and reduce the amount of pressure from the staff members by automating administrative tasks.