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Complete guide to launch your business with white label crypto exchange platform

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“The European Crypto Exchange Coinsbit has launched a crypto exchange platform in India on April 9 2021 as ‘Coinsbit India’. Many people in India have been attracted to the growth of cryptocurrency in recent years and have started to adopt this crypto exchange platform. It ensures in proving to the investors that virtual currency is the best area for investment for gaining high returns in a short period. The launch of Coinsbit is considered as safe and secure for a beginner to start investing in cryptocurrencies.”

The launch of the white label crypto trading platform is the trendsetter in this digital world. It can offer the users attractive benefits and enable hassle-free access during the trade of cryptocurrencies in the market. The crypto exchange platform has globally extended a wide range of opportunities for investors, industries, and users to use this platform and reap profitable returns in less time. It is noticed that the number of exchanges occurring in the market cap has grown over 31% more with 350 exchanges.

What is a crypto exchange platform?

The crypto exchange platform enables users to trade, buy and sell various cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. This crypto-based exchange platform allows users to exchange their fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and crypto assets. It is highly secured and initiates safe transactions in the blockchain network. Creating a crypto exchange platform makes the investor turn their business into a billion-dollar revenue as the value of cryptocurrencies is soaring in the blockchain market.

Types of crypto exchange platform :

  • Centralized Exchange (CEX) Platform :
    The exchange platform of cryptocurrency is highly secured and maintained with the proper centralized organization. The organization using a centralized system ensures to manage all transactions that occur on this platform.

  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Platform :
    The decentralized exchange platform is considered an alternative for centralized exchanges since it has an efficient automated system that controls the entire transaction with ease. There is no possibility of loss during transactions and central authority to control this platform since it is built with a peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain network.

  • Hybrid Exchange Platform :
    The combination of hybrid exchange platforms involves the inheritance of centralized and decentralized exchange. It offers the user experience the low latency and fast transaction speed of the decentralized system compared to centralized platforms. The in-built security patches are highly efficient in hybrid platforms.

    Reasons to consider white label crypto trading software :

    The white label crypto exchange software is highly efficient and powerful for users to experience a smooth trade in the crypto exchange platform. The crypto exchange software comes with a proper license and agreement associated with the blockchain network. The use of exchange software in crypto-based blockchain platforms helps to deploy fully functional and advanced features to be present inside.

    The use of crypto software allows the user to instantly buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies instantly and reduces each transaction’s wait time. The crypto exchange software comes with a white label solution that is readily designed, developed, and tested for direct usage of the exchange platform. The crypto exchange platform has advanced back-end and database structure to maintain users’ valuable details securely.

    Why white label crypto-based trading platform necessary?

    The white label crypto trading platform is necessary in today’s digital world. It enables users to have hassle-free access over this blockchain network and offers investors to set up quickly and efficiently to earn profitable income in less time. The crypto trading platform comes with a white label solution that offers efficient tools equipped with this platform. The crypto trading platform is built with the latest blockchain technology to offer a world-class infrastructure that globally gains users’ attention.

    The crypto-based trading platform comes with easy customization for the investors to update new versions based on their business trends. It enables investors to decide the trade fee, commission fee from bids, choosing the trade pairs, etc. The crypto trading software has KYC/AML verification, the latest liquidity API, and more exciting plugins that best fit investors’ business requirements.

    Benefits of a white-labeled crypto exchange software:

  • The development process of an exchange platform from scratch takes a long time, whereas using crypto-exchange software enables investors to deploy their platform faster.
  • The crypto exchange software is completely built based on user experience for it to be reliable. The crypto exchange software with white label solution offers high-end performance and maintains transparency.
  • The white label crypto exchange platform is built with low labor cost since it is already built readily for direct launch.
  • The crypto-based exchange software has a perfect white label solution that enables investors to modify with a unique design, logo, and name to boost their brand in the marketplace for global visibility among users.
  • It allows the investors to enter the marketplace and compete with others quickly.
  • The crypto exchange platform enables the user to experience the speed of instant transactions during a trade.
  • It reduces the wait time and transaction fee as well to benefit the user.
  • The crypto exchange software with a white label solution offers an attractive user interface to gain target audiences’ attention.
  • Attractive features of white label trading exchange platform :

  • Development of security token exchange.
  • High liquidity API.
  • Supports mobile applications.
  • Integration of payment gateway.
  • Escrow services.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Development of decentralized exchange.
  • Development of hybrid bitcoin exchange.
  • Margin Trading.
  • Integration of crypto wallet.
  • KYC/AML solutions.
  • Atomic swaps.
  • Efficient security features of white label crypto-based exchange platform :

  • HTTPS authentication.
  • Data encryption.
  • Secure login.
  • Cold wallet initialization.
  • Biometric authentication.
  • 2F authentication.
  • Escrow services.
  • Anti Denial of Service (DoS).
  • (CSFR) Cross-Site Request Forgery protection.
  • (SSRF) Server-Site Request Forgery protection.
  • Summing Up :

    The white label crypto exchange platform has brought significant changes to the digital world in recent times as it is beneficial for users, business owners, and various sectors. The crypto exchange white-label solution is trending and introduced to reduce the wait time for launching the platform immediately to reap profits in less time. The investment towards crypto exchange platforms with white label solutions is highly efficient for investors’ future growth as the cryptocurrency value is high in the marketplace. It is the right time for investors to connect with any blockchain company with professional experience in providing proper guidance in developing a blockchain-based exchange platform.