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Considering every taste when making a watch


Rado has been a leading Swiss brand of watches since 1917. But in 1957 the brand started making watches called Redo. To make a watch for everyone, he inspired “If we can imagine, we can.” They make stable watches and can gauge general trends. Therefore, they are able to create time frames that suit the taste of each hourly user.

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Redo was the first brand to use porcelain to make watches. He then mixed titanium and porcelain with porcelain to break with the traditional way of making watches. Porcelain is a solid material that helps keep clocks clean. Also, they brought high-tech plasma ceramic watches on the radar. The hallmark of radio clocks is that they never stop using new and unique ideas to make watches. After the introduction of the ceramic watch, Rado also introduced ultra-thin watches. This watch has caused a stir among lovers. Its true Thinline collection offers the brand’s best watches.

With Centrix, Porcelain, Dome, Diamond, Diaster, Essence, Hyperchrome and other multi-functional clock lines. Radio watches are the first choice of every taste user. This collection is famous for its watches that vary in texture and style. These two factors are the main reasons for their popularity. A low, slim and comfortable bracelet keeps the wrist smooth and delicate. Her tips are purity, lightness and beauty, as well as uninterrupted joy and peace. The men’s and women’s watches in this collection are tailored to both tastes.

Build with hard and determined ceramics, every Rado Centaurux men’s watch has courage and ingenuity with them. There are mostly black calls during these hours. Black indicates muscle strength. Steel core models make the bracelets of brave men’s watchmakers shine brightly. Gold and PVD stainless steel or steel and pink gold stone taste like the durability of watches in front of PVD housings. Some models suitable for round shaped black bells are gold, black or gold and black and black and black belts. Some of the pieces have yellow gold bands to attract the magnet. Stainless steel straps on the watch’s shine and leather straps on the watch add a soft flavor.

In addition to black and white, Centaurus Stupefy Watches are available in brown, silver, gold and many other colors. The waterproofing properties of these watches range from 30 to 100 meters. This is an active function of the Swiss watch. This will prevent water loss as well as increase the efficiency of the clocks. Parallel to the jeans watches, the women’s watches in the Centaurus line have a similar design and shape. Every woman who looks with simple black and well-made diamonds adds to the attractiveness of a beautiful and intelligent woman. These pieces include some extra colors such as pearl and champagne varnish to revive the mother. Women like gold, so they use gold straps to fasten the watch box. The data display counter is located to the right of the dial. It shows the current date and keeps you updated. Both quartz and automatic motion Centorex watches are full of women. Quartz and automatic movements maintain the accuracy of these pieces, but pieces with quartz motion require a battery that needs to be replaced somewhat. Automatic watches do not require a battery, they are charged by natural hand running. Functional features such as turbines make the hours very accurate. Exquisite handwork helps lift the user’s wrist and allows you to view both sides of the watch’s registration with skeletal registration. Other common features such as analog display, date and date are available with these interesting Centrix models.

A different element of spherical clocks is that they look like small and medium-sized clocks. It helps to enhance the fashionable taste of the pieces. This collection includes women’s watches for men. Quiet and creative, the men’s watches in this collection fully reflect the powerful look of men’s watches. Its strong steel lasts for twenty hours. All these clocks are decorated with white, silver and many other colors. Made of many materials such as hard straps, stainless steel, leather and two tons.