Cost Effective Ways to Clear Garden Waste

Are you surfing on the Internet the cheapest way to get rid of garden waste? Well, let us help you. It always seems to be a never-ending battle between twigs, branches, leaves, other lawn clippings … Read More

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Are you surfing on the Internet the cheapest way to get rid of garden waste? Well, let us help you. It always seems to be a never-ending battle between twigs, branches, leaves, other lawn clippings and you. No sooner than you get rid of the last lot, another one piles up that needs to be taken care of. And most of the times, getting rid of the garden waste is not very pocket-friendly.

But Here Are A Few Cost-Effective Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Do the Job with Ease.

Try Composting Your Garden Wastes

People usually have a fairly big yard that not only allows proper gardening, but enough space for composting too. Use garden waste bags to sort out the garden waste and store the bio-degradable ones separately. Special composting bins are also available.

When taken care of properly, all sorts of natural and produced goods can be broken down. Build around one cubic metre of composting materials and make sure that whatever you put in is layered and in small pieces. Leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, straw sawdust and so on make excellent compost. Fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells and coffee grounds, may also be added to this. Avoid throwing in bones, meat, citrus skins and gloss or printed cardboard bits into this.

Once your compost is created, there’s no need to worry about how you would get rid of the loads to garden wastes.

Give It Back to Your Gardens and Lawns

Much of the things that you remove from your gardens, can made to go back into the garden. If your lawn hasn’t grown too long, do not mow it with a catcher. If you do so, you will let your lawn clippings to break down and release nutrients back into the lawn.

Same goes for the dead leaves. Rake them into the soil below the trees where they will break down faster than any other place.

You Can Make Mulch

Are you the one who do not prefer piling up leaves and branches under your trees? You can then try to prepare mulch. A mulch is a layer of material that is applied on the soil surface to conserve soil moisture, improve fertility, reduce growth of weed, and enhance the visual appeal. A mulch is usually organic by nature.

Many of us buy mulch from the stores, but these are easier to prepare too. You can just give a hand in trying. The Shredded leaves, bark, straw, hay, everything will come handy in mulching. It is definitely one of the cheapest ways to get rid of garden waste.

You Can Cut Up Wood for Fires

Trimming the tree branches and wondering what to do with these? While you could spend money to dispose them off, you can also make use of them at home.

If you have a wood burner or a fireplace at home, your tree branches might be a handy source of fuel. You can save a few bucks. Chop them to appropriate sizes and dry them properly. Green branches or twigs should never be burnt inside a closed room. The dried pieces of branches can be of great help during the coldest months.

Give the Waste Away at The Green Waste Disposal Centres

While this may not be a very cheap alternative, it is favoured by many. The green waste disposal centres set up at different cities and towns set up by the authority is to help the locals get rid of their green waste. Store your green wastes in garden rubbish bags and give it away to the centres when full.

Give It Away to Friends Or Family

Giving away wastes from your garden to people??!! It may sound extremely bizarre but it isn’t actually quite so. If you do not have the need or opportunity for compost, firewood or mulch, what else can possibly to get rid of those? Give it away to your friend or any family member who can make good use of your garden waste, and you too can get rid of the waste, the cheapest possible way.

Contact the Local Lawn Mowing Experts

If the local lawn mowing team is helping you out by mowing your lawns and maintain the yard, they might also help you with your garden wastes. Many companies do carry those away after they are done with mowing. Contact your local lawn mowing service provider and ask for help today.

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