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Elite Courtesans are the ultimate in luxury courtiers. Their extensive experience, expertise, and commitment have allowed them to do that for over 10 years now. They help people every day with legal issues, from divorce papers to post nuptial agreements to buying or selling a home. They also help people get the “just deal” when it comes to resolving property disputes, such as those arising out of marital ties. And even though their services are mostly focused on high-end cases, they are happy to provide all of the necessary legal representation for someone needing to file bankruptcy.

This company is led by Melinda Blau, a former bail bondsman, real estate agent, paralegal, and owner of an upscale salon. She founded Elite courtesans in 1997 after she was fired from her job because she was arrested during a fraud investigation. A few months later, she was working as an escort when her arrest became public information, forcing her to relocate to Miami.

Melinda and her ex-boyfriend, Jonny Cabot, decided to form the Elite Courtesans agency as a way for her to enjoy working in a stable job again while spending some quality time with her soon-to-be husband, Jozef. They knew that they needed to find a qualified and competent escort – someone who had a proven track record and who could keep their cool under pressure. Luckily, there was just one woman they knew in their area who fit all of those requirements. The couple tapped her for the services she offered, which included: custody and visitation scheduling, secretarial support, exotic dance lessons, pedicures and manicures, flower arrangements, massage therapy, florist shop services, and event planning. Needless to say, there wasn’t a woman within sight who could compete for those types of jobs!

Melinda and Jonny knew that this was going to be a big business, so they set out to put Melinda in the shoes of their customers. What did they learn? First, they learned that clients need not feel like their transactions are being handled by impersonal and cold employees. That is only a leading cause of complaints. In addition, Elite Courtesans provides a strong support system that includes experienced managers that can respond to any questions or concerns the client has during the course of the booking process or after the transaction.

Another important lesson the couple picked up on was that clients expect to be treated courteously, especially by the ones they have established a relationship with over a long period of time. While they had a variety of experiences working together, none of them were comfortable with their client’s attitude toward them. So, Jonny and Melinda spent much of their time coaching their staff in how to build strong, professional relationships with their clients. Even before the couple started the business, they already knew that they would have to deal with a variety of personalities, ages, cultures, races and sexual orientations. So, they felt that they needed to provide an atmosphere that would be comfortable for everyone no matter what their background might be.

During their time working together, Jonny and Melinda also wanted to make sure that their customers’ needs were met. The first thing they learned was to always listen carefully to their clients when they spoke with them. They also knew that they had to be quick when making any changes to the plans they had made for their customers. There are often times when clients call in and have urgent needs for the products or services they have booked, so it was important for them to be able to quickly resolve these issues.

At the start of their business, they knew that they would encounter some challenges. However, Melinda felt that there was no way she could change the dynamics of their previous relationship. They decided that to solve those problems, they needed to make a personal commitment to each other. The two of them have gone on to become quite good friends. And they have discovered that being honest and open with each other can help them to communicate more effectively with their clients.

Courtesans courtesan clients’ needs vary widely, so there is definitely something for every customer. They know how to listen to their customers’ needs and then promptly and efficiently make changes that will help to meet those needs. The products and services they provide are top-notch and the service fees are very reasonable. They are committed to excellent customer service, so they make sure that their employees provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. These services are provided by Melinda and Jonny, two outstanding individuals, who want to share their passion for life with you.