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Covid-19: The second wave is here – but how bad it can be if not taken seriously?


Coronavirus has been with us since December 2019. The first case in Pakistan was reported on 26th February 2020. Pakistan was a lot safer than a lot of countries till February but soon after the first case was reported the rise in corona cases increased. Initially, the spread was not too rapid and things seem to be under control. The government took rapid actions and luckily things were a lot normal, we just have to live with masks and follow the SOPs but all of this normality came to an abrupt end because of the irresponsibility and non-seriousness of people.

The federal government and provincial governments were requesting the people, explaining the consequences and the seriousness of this issue but there were millions of people who straightway denied the presence of coronavirus and claimed it to be a universal agenda. As soon as the cases increased, the governments decided to lockdown the areas where the cases were being reported from but still the spread was not coming under control and so the country had to face a lockdown.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan was adamant about not locking the whole country down because Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and 24.3% population of Pakistan is under the national poverty line, and in this case locking down the country meant pushing the country away from economic stability. The PM urged people to follow the SOPs but a lot of people showed great irresponsibility which became the reason why the country saw a large number of cases and lockdown.

Things became better by the end of July due to the hard work the federal/provisional governments put in and also because a lot of people finally understood the seriousness of the pandemic and cooperated with the government. But in July soon after the lockdown was lifted some of the people assumed that the coronavirus is over and everything is back to normal. Large gatherings began, be it political or religious. The doctors urged the people that the pandemic is not over yet and only the number of cases has decreased.

People started organizing all the functions and ceremonies that were affected by the lockdown. Political parties began their gatherings without caring about the possible threat of the second wave. Religious gatherings also began. All the academic institutions were opened, business, and offices everything was functioning again and SOPs were only followed by a few people so the second wave was destined to hit the country. The second wave in the USA should’ve been an example but people didn’t think anything through.

In October 2020, Pakistan was hit by the second wave of coronavirus. During the first wave, 450-500 cases were being reported every day and now during the second wave these numbers increased to 750-1000 cases in a day and there was an obvious increase in the death rate. Pakistan is undergoing the second wave right now, and if the seriousness is ignored this time we might end up in a more difficult situation than the US, and we all know we have much fewer resources as compared to them.

The numbers could increase drastically which will result in higher death rates. I think we have established the fact that Pakistan is an underdeveloped country, our economy is not stable, we are weak internally, there is no solidarity in the political environment and all of these shortcomings will translate if the situation goes downhill. The way people are carrying out their daily routine without caring about the possible danger might lead to a more lethal effect. The second wave is deadlier than the first one and the continuity in non-seriousness will make it harder. It will be difficult for Pakistan to cope up with the effects of the second wave. People should understand their responsibility as a citizen and do their part.

The news of the new coronavirus strand was reported in December 2020 in the UK. Finally, the vaccine made its way to the markets of the world; Pakistan still doesn’t have the vaccines as the vaccine itself is in the initial stages of being tested. The news of the new coronavirus created a lot of Panic among people because according to reports gathered by thesis help in Pakistan the vaccine made right now will not be effective on the new strand of coronavirus.