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Cramming- A Smart Way Or A Foolish Way


Students, often struggle amongst several things that hold equal importance for them at the time of their students. These things can be activities or even spending time with family or with friends or these things can also incur the time needed to discover own self. The duration of studies for a student depends upon the extent to which the student priories’ his/her studies. Likewise, this smart approach opens up the concept of a brilliant student and an average student.

Though, Assignment Writing Help in Pakistan is providing every student the solution of their academic lives. Hence, the foolish stays on the wrong track and push their limits against their capability. Testing one’s self and winning new challenges is not a bad thing, nonetheless it is one of the appreciable context that develop a student’s wellbeing and new talent.

However, some student even disgrace themselves by hanging their own selves in between tricky choice to opt for! Struggle to score good grades and perform better than the class topper is a pretty realistic concepts and even some students make it so apparent upon themselves. That they end up doing less than their own capability. Hence it is said ‘Worry is not a giver but only a taker’, which is why student’s suicide ratio is higher than any other’s profession’s professionals. The peer pressure and family are alone tow of the concepts that ruin a person’s mentality upon which teacher’s also stresses their students to perform better and better.

Be it any academic level, School, College or university level students of every institution often once in their student lives go through this trauma. Which is where they opt for the trick of ‘’Cramming’’. It is loved and admired by majority of students, and this concept hooks the grades of the students in the air as well. But the thing disrupts where, oral Viva and surprise tests occur.

Though, cramming helps students to score well in their announced exams but in the subjects where concepts apply and theories are not alone acceptable that is where cramming fails and student suffer more. Furthermore,students while doing cramming 100% get diverged from the real meaning behind the concept that they are blindly cramming and this paradigm results in the weak basics of a student.

Students with weak basics in general subjects of English literature, Mathematics , history and fore mostly General Knowledge most of the times became an issue when the same passed crammed student gets a job in a MNC or even being asked to solve a 12 year Old’s math’s problem.

Not only this, students who plan and opt to go foreign countries for work and study purposes as well. Their ILETS score narrates their academic life in Pakistan which is why it is an alarming situation for Pakistani Students particularly mainly because the quality of education in the country is already disturbed.

Hence, students who want to plan their future as per their conditions must make sure that their General Knowledge’s score is better than the first bencher in the class.