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Creative Methods to Generate More Targeted Sales Leads

The Brutal Truth About Affiliate Marketing Industry In 2021
The Brutal Truth About Affiliate Marketing Industry In 2021

Businesses today spent half of their time executing new lead gen techniques. They understand the importance of leads in an organization. More than 53% of marketers suggest that more than half of their budget is spent on lead generation. 

Marketers most of the time try their best to get as many leads for sales as possible. But they often forget to bring the quality leads and instead collect a pile of unnecessary leads. These leads just take up their time and money. They are not going to convert into a paying client. 

Every lead is different and is walking on different paths of their buying journey which is why customizing your lead generation strategies according to their needs is the only way to get targeted leads that will surely buy from your organization. Below we have talked about the ways to obtain more leads that bring ROI to your business. 

#1. Make your landing page dynamic 

Those who understand the necessity of a beautiful landing page get quality leads. Businesses spend a lot of their time on their landing page optimization. When you correctly optimize your landing page, you can get more conversions in the leads. 

You can choose many tricks for optimizing the landing page but won’t get results until you implement it correctly. You can change page design, shorten your forms, not use competing CTAs. However, making your landing page dynamic is one of the most creative solutions.

When we talk about a dynamic landing page, it means that a page that displays various messages on the basis of who is seeing it and according to the variables the content of pages changes, like – on the basis of location, user’s behavior, the keywords they used to check the page and so on.  

#2. Collab with different firms 

Here you have to keep one thing in mind, when collaborating with other B2B firms, always partner with non-competing brands. They might be working in the same industry but not in the same niche. For suppose – if you are a B2B firm that offers global database software and you are considering collaborating with a B2B firm that offers a service of installing high-tech AI software at workplaces, then it will be a great idea for the partnership. 

Strategic partnerships help you obtain quality leads of your partner and vice versa. Through this way, you can enter a different market which means more access to numerous leads. Also, the leads you get after partnering with a non-competing brand have already crossed the awareness stage of their buying journey, so you won’t have to start from scratch. 

#3. Create a targeted email nurturing campaign

Your objective isn’t to just catch contact data, however, your objective is to create focused on leads that convert to paying clients. 

On your email list, not every person is going to make a buy immediately, yet that doesn’t mean they will not at any point become sales-qualified leads. That is the place where B2B sales prospecting becomes necessary. 

Email nurturing campaigns help in pushing leads down to the sales funnel and encourage them to become sales-qualified. Lead nurturing campaigns are a broad and complex task, but here we have talked about some major stages: 

  1. Segment the list: there are numerous differences between leads. For example – the source of lead, buying behavior, firm size, buying history, job role, and industry type. It becomes your duty to segment them based on these differences. 
  2. Time periods of sending emails: You can not send any email to any lead at any time. You must make a timetable based on the segmentation you’ve done for the leads. Always optimize and test your email audience to get the best time frame for sending emails. 
  3. Personalized Content: Needless to say, but make sure that you customize your content for each lead. Multiple tools are there in the market for the same purpose. 

#4. Spread the word 

As per a report by Saasquatch.com, 14% of people who visit the referral landing page convert into paying clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to get quality leads with less effort. Referrals won’t work until you offer some incentives. According to Softwareadvice.com: 50% of people will refer you when offered direct incentives. Also, ask your clients to leave a positive review and rating on Google.