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Critical Tips for Office relocation


Office relocation could very well be an exciting idea for some while tedious for others. Moving into new surrounding bring lots of hopes and challenges for the owners and employees as well. However, if handled efficiently and planned smartly, office relocation doesn’t necessarily have to be a stressful idea. In Dubai, most businesses acquire rental space to open up a company office so office relocation is always on the cards after some time for one reason or another. During the process, some businesses even take the help of moving and packing companies to store their valuables in a safe commercial storage Dubai. It is an effective way to ensure the safety of your assets while you are on the move during relocation. The storage services offer both long as well as short term storage Dubai depending on your need. Once you have stashed your valuables in a safe place, you need to pay heed to other challenges about office relocation. Here are some critical tips to ease your office relocation process.

  1. Plan your office relocation

Office relocation needs thorough planning. You need to be ascertained of moving date and the exact time frame for the relocation process. Once you know the exact day of moving, you can easily make daily goals to start moving. Moreover, you have to assign a specific budget for the relocation process. If you have a clear idea about the amount of time you have as well as money on hand, you can decide whether you afford to move and pack services and even if you have sufficient time to arrange for the services.

  1. Keep your employees informed

As an owner or leader, it is your responsibility to inform your employees about your relocation plan. They must know so they may finish their pending assignments, inform their clients if they have to, and/or secure their personal belongings. You also need to share the address or phone number of the new location as well as the rules of the new building if there are any. Communicating a relocation plan with your employees is not only essential for your relocation but will also enhance your relations with your team by taking them into confidence.

  1. Assign Tasks

Relocation is a tedious job and instead of taking all the responsibility on your shoulders, appoint a project manager or managers from your team to cover all the aspects of the relocation process. You can also ask the department heads of your team to take responsibility for moving the equipment from their department as well as getting it relocated to a new location. While moving and packing is the job of professionals, the guidance of managers will keep the process functioning without mishaps.

  1. Declutter

You don’t need to take away everything in the office. Get rid of old files, records that are no longer useful and shred unnecessary paper. You can also donate or sell old furniture and office equipment which will no longer be in use in the new office.

  1. Protect your data

The relocation means moving of all of the hardware including computers which carry important files and documents. If not handled properly, you could end up losing important data. Therefore, make sure to back up the data and protect it from loss, damage, theft, or breach during the relocation process.

  1. Hire a professional help

For a smooth office relocation, hire a professional moving company. The moving companies are well-aware of the methods as well as have to experience in handling commercial moving jobs so they can make the entire moving process go seamlessly. They will also ensure that your business items are transferred to a new location safely without damages.

  1. Clean the office

Make sure that you are not leaving any mess behind. It is unethical and professional to leave an unclean space once you have moved away from your stuff. You can hire a cleaning services company to clean the office from clutter and garbage. If you have such equipment or belonging that you can’t take to a new place nor you can give to charity, you should hire a Storage rental in Dubai to stash them in a safe place.