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Crypto Auditing Can Get Your Token the Investors It Needs: Here’s How

Crypto Auditing Can Get Your Token the Investors It Needs: Here’s How

In a sea of crypto tokens, with new names popping up every hour, standing out is the only way to get noticed. But even if you manage to climb the rankings on CoinMarketCap or other listings, you’ve still got the matter of earning people’s trust. 

People are tired of getting scammed by dishonest creators. We’re seeing a paradigm shift where consumers want to invest in tokens backed by professional teams. They don’t want to deal with untraceable groups because they want the option of legal action in case of a scam. 

Does that mean the days of pouring your heart and soul into your project without exposing your private information are long gone? 

Not at all. With the crypto auditing services by SafeID, you can earn the trust of your users and turn them into lifelong investors without exposing any personal data. 

Let’s see how. 

The Power of Crypto Auditing by a Trusted Third-Party

Imagine proving to people that you are who you say you are, without really telling them who you are. Sounds like a paradox, right? 

But that’s exactly what the auditing service by SafeID can do for you. All you need is to verify the identity of all your team members to their KYC professionals. 

The team will look through your details and documents privately over a secure network and with maximum encryption. Once they confirm your identity, they will act as a trusted third-party vouching for the authenticity of your team. 

This is done by giving you two signed certificates: 

  • Public Certificate. This is the signed and certified document that you can share with your users to earn their trust. It serves as proof that SafeID has verified your identity. In other words, users can have the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge of working with a legit entity and not some untraceable group. 
  • Private Certificate. There’s also a fully-encrypted and password-protected certificate with all your details on it. This private certificate will never be shared with the public. It’s meant for your record-keeping and for disclosure in case of a demand by any national or international law enforcement agency. 

In other words, you get to satisfy your investors’ psychological need for legitimacy and proof. Just try putting yourself into their shoes. They’ve been burned by anonymous token creators many times and they don’t want to experience that pain again. 

So by getting an impartial third party like SafeID to vouch for the legitimacy of your team, you can ease the concerns of potential investors. It’s a lot easier to trust a verified entity than an untraceable group of anonymous token creators. 

Furthermore, SafeID’s team can also audit your smart contract to prove to your users that there’s nothing suspicious going on under the hood. They might even spot some logical improvements for you to deploy! 

Why SafeID is the Perfect Auditor for Your Token

As a trusted third party with no direct ties to your team, SafeID can instantly uplift the trust profile of your project. But why should you trust them to begin with? 

For starters, they’re 100% transparent about who they are, where they’re from, and what they believe in. You can see the contact details and the pretty faces of their team on the website (https://safeid.info). The members of SafeID are open because they know for a fact that they can make a big difference for passionate token creators like yourself!

They’ve been in business since 2007. That’s right! They’ve been around for over 14 years at this point and have no plans of stopping until the average person can invest in crypto projects without fearing scams or rug pulls. 

To learn more about the auditing services, pricing, FAQs, or just to get in touch with their team, check the homepage https://safeid.info today or join their Telegram group https://t.me/Project_SafeID.