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Cryptocurrency & Ways to Make Passive Income Through It


Cryptocurrency has been changing the global economic landscape for a long time, and it has never been more popular than today. It might seem like a fad, but it isn’t. Instead, it is a way to revolutionize the increasingly opaque banking and business practices that conventional paper money was bringing. The advent of cryptocurrency is instead making people rethink how and where they are investing their money. It hasn’t only had an effect on investments though, in fact, it is also changing the current money transaction landscape. With even conventional paper money transactions becoming more and more digital, cryptocurrency has had a chance to leap over that and show why it is the better choice for money in the long term.

The advantages of cryptocurrencies are immense, which is why you see everyone today turning towards cryptocurrency. But despite such a brilliant ongoing transformation of the e-currency industry, it hasn’t been able to change conventional paper money over to cryptocurrency. Although the transition has begun, the global reliance on paper money is too strong to make the change immediately. This is where e-currency exchangers are bridging the gap between those who have made the transition to work with cryptocurrencies. As it is, there are many markets around the world that are currently accepting money or investment in the form of e-currencies.

In the beginning, the public perception that surrounded cryptocurrencies was that it was something not accessible to everyone. But with the advancement in this crypto market, it has become more accessible. And even in Pakistan, the trend of crypto has caught on quite a lot. And there are many people that have begun to use it as an income source. And there are many people out there wondering how to make it a passive income source for themselves. If you are one of those people, then read on:

The Classic: Trading

When it comes to currencies, trading is the most obvious way to earn an income off of cryptocurrencies. And it is the most obvious reason because it is straightforward and simple or it can be if you work it right. As it is around the world, it works by buying a certain cryptocurrency from an e-currency exchanger in Pakistan when the price is low or when you think the price might see a sharp rise. And when the price does rise, you sell it for a profit. In a perfect world, it would be that easy, but today’s world is far from perfect. So, while this method can be quite effective, there are also many risks and other factors surrounding it.

The Signature: Mining

Mining is a method that is native to cryptocurrencies and even though cryptocurrencies have their main basis in mining, it is the second most popular option to make an income off of cryptocurrencies. The simple way mining works is by solving blocks of mathematical equations that, when solved by your computer, generate the fraction of whatever crypto coin you were trying to mine. But the fact is, crypto mining is not that easy. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Crypto mining requires complex and sophisticated hardware that needs constant uptime and maintenance. It draws a lot of energy and is quite expensive to make. There are also regulations for or laws against crypto mining in many parts of the world. So, if you are interested in mining, then it would be a great passive source, as long as you make sure that you are doing it right.

The Strange: Faucets

This method of mining is quite peculiar. There are many websites and services out there that take a one-time investment from you, and then you can spend your time doing menial online tasks such as surveys, playing online games, doing Captcha puzzles. And with every task, there is a small fraction of the payment that you get. And once you reach a certain threshold of tasks done or money made, then you can cash out. Faucets are usually only available in Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Cryptocurrency is a big world, and once you figure out how to navigate it, it can become easier to bring in passive income. And suppose you are someone who is already making passive income or thinking about it. In that case, you will need an e-currency exchanger in Pakistan capable of taking your crypto income and exchanging it into paper money.