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10 Creative Cookie Packaging Ideal


If you want to gift tastiest and quickest homemade cookies to your loved ones then obviously you need to purchase cookie boxes. You can give these cookies as a gift to your neighbors, friends, loved ones or even your colleagues. Giving cookies as a gift is not only an inexpensive way but also considered an ideal method of mass production. There are various packaging ideas that you can use to pack your cookies. You can easily make your homemade cookies by wrapping these cookies in beautiful boxes. If you do not have an idea that what kind of cookies you can make then try these ideas i.e. lemon biscuits, caramel biscuits, and chocolate chip cookies. You can exchange these amazing and tasty cookies with your friends.

You can make your cookies a little bit extra special by using custom cookie boxes for their packaging. There are various kinds of packaging techniques and ideas that are used to give your cookies an extra charming look and most used ideas are paper baskets, jars, and simple cookie envelopes.

Use packaging for safe shipping

If you are willing to send some cookies to your loved one that lives far away from your house then try to give it nicely. You need proper packaging so that your sentiment will arrive safely. For this purpose try to ensure that you have properly packed your cookies. Select the packaging that looks attractive and also safe for shipment. For safely shipping of cookies from one place to another the most important factor is material. It is recommended to ensure that you have used packaging material that is made from harder material so that it can give full support during shipment.

Simple cookie envelopes

While you are making homemade cookies and trying to gift them to your loved ones then obviously there is no need to invest lots of money in purchasing expensive containers for your biscuits. A simple cookie envelope that is made from one sheet paper is enough because these wrappers are tossed away after cookies are gone. You can easily convert papers by folding it and giving a shape of cookie boxes. In most of the cases, individually wrapped cookies are preferred and can also be decorated easily. 

Paper plate baskets

Paper plate baskets are also used as cheap cookie boxes and considered as one of the stylish ways to gift cookies to your loved ones. You can easily close the plate baskets with pins or gift papers. Different types of decorative tapes are also available for this purpose. The idea of using these paper plate baskets for the packaging of your cookies is unique. You can choose different colors from available papers but brown color for your paper plate is good for you as it is used to contain holiday cookies. Each little plate basket can be used to dedicate your sweet cookies in a unique way.

Glass jars

Glass jars are also used for placing biscuits and cookies. One can easily put their cookies in a jar for a fine display and decorate it simply with the use of ribbons. Glass jars are available in different designs and sizes. All you need to do is to select the best design that sounds fit for your requirements.

Paper Cookie Pouches

You can easily make paper cookie pouches with the use of two papers and glue. You can use these pouches for classroom gifts and for parties. Just try to make your pouch more unique by tying it off with yarn.

Frozen cookie containers

Instead of using other cookie boxes just try this one, make a dough and roll it like balls. Then, use these simple but cute containers. This simple idea for cookie packaging will not only save your time but also save your money too.

Cardboard boxes for creative packaging

Another best idea for packaging of your favorite cookies is to wrap them in a cookie box that is made from cardboard boxes. You can make them unique by adding some printed design that will not only attract customers but also considered as a cheaper way of packaging cookies. You can create special look of any simplest and plainest cardboard box by adding ribbon of different colors. You can also place a card to give them special message to your loved ones. 

Brown Cookies boxes

You can make spectacular packaging of your cookies and biscuits by using some simple techniques that include clever folding and decorative ribbons. These simple and eye-catching colors can make your cookies boxes recognizable. These boxes can be made from paper, cardboard or even plastic as all these kinds of materials are fine for packaging of cookies. These cookie boxes are a perfect and cheaper solution as these are only the best way to create your packaging looks prettier. The designing of your packet is equally important, so for this, give proper time in the correct selection of packaging boxes.