Custom Hang Tags Printed with Persuasive Messages

People quench their thirst with drinks and drinks, especially in the summer months. It is a reality that customers rely on the items they invest and bottle tags are a perfect way to communicate a … Read More

People quench their thirst with drinks and drinks, especially in the summer months. It is a reality that customers rely on the items they invest and bottle tags are a perfect way to communicate a message. Brand owners who plan to match the bottles with their neckers are prudent to look forward to. The hang tags have ample room for printing the statement so that it can be used as a source of awareness and product features. With the creative design and form, GCP specialists make bottle neckers that impress the bottles. They make it easy for the product to attract buyers with the Necker High-Quality Bottles.

Attract custom printed boxes to customers

Adding appeal to the product is a priority, and GCP workers are well aware of the techniques they may use to appeal to the look. They print alluring colors on the Custom Printed Hang Tags, which works well for those who visit the shop. It doesn’t take long to artwork and print hang tags, it takes a few days to complete the thebottlenecker manufacturing process. We also sell custom coffee boxes and custom tea boxes to encourage drinks. We are not only designing the hang tags for the bottles but also making attractive packaging boxes using the ingenuity of our staff.

Bottles of high-quality Necker with unprecedented printing

It is a daunting job to sell drinks, but if it is done well, it helps to get the prospects and builds the brand name. Choosing a tagline for hang tags and customized printed boxes is a smart way to add the charm of the commodity. GCP features high-quality printing equipment and offers a special printing service to make the product look unique. Customers can choose from Kraft paper boxes or cardboard boxes to secure the items. Glassy and matte lamination choices are also available to offer the ultimate impressive look to the hang tag or package.


Contact us at GCP or at (510) 500 9533 for the eco-friendly production of hang Tags, bottle neckers, or packaging boxes. We are available 24/7 for assistance and customer requests. Custom Bottle Neckers Printed

There are several names of bottle neckers: wine bottle tags, neck hangers, bottle hangers, neck collars – that’s all the time. Whatever you name them, bottle neckers are a big marketing player. These tiny hang tags, widely used in the wine and spirit market, play an important role in what customers take from the shelf.


We know that although bottle neckers are easy to use for retailers, shelf space remains a battle. We know you need to differentiate your brand! GSB Digital has agreements with several major brands in the food and beverage sectors with bottle neck hangers to help them thrive in the use of bottle neck tags. We will help you build a bottle hanger for your brand which jumps from the shelf from the custom die-cut collars to the accordion folded neck hangers.


What’s on the market: making good bottle neckers

When designing and making printed bottle tags there are many things to take into consideration. Here are a couple of tips to start:

Start with a strong message: what is the intention of the hanger of the neck? Concentrate on this because there is limited space. Make it transparent and persuasive. Such thoughts are:

Advertising Sweepstakes

Mail-in discounts (MIR)

Redeemable coupons immediately (IRC)

Recipes suggested or ways of using the product

Don’t skimp on design: design matters. design matters. Make it easy to look and understand your bottle neckers. Such concept features to be taken into account are:

Using colors that are contrasting – light tags hang on dark bottles, dark tags hang on light bottles.

Keep your “white” room – don’t overcrowd photos and text in your design

Keeping in contact with additional marketing: After making the perfect bottle hangers, attach them to other materials all over the company. Also produced by GSB Digital:


  • Casual Cards
  • Tremblers
  • Displays of Commodity
  • Shelf speaks Shelf


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