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Custom Software Development Trends To Watch in 2021


The trend in the field of technology is undergoing a consistent change. Software development has become a significant aspect for businesses of all sizes, whether small or big. Mat it be a field of education, entertainment, fashion, health, or any other; dedicated software is the prime need. Digital transformation has provided a significant impact on the future trends of a business.

Although forecasting development trends in 2021 is difficult, it is still interesting to go for some future insights. As per the survey from Custom Software Development Company U.Kthe trends to be watched are:


Businesses are supposed to prefer to hire agencies providing outsourcing services. The offshore market is set to grow all over the world. Remote working trends are likely to be in demand where a person may be hired with no issues regarding the salary vacation and other things. Companies will have more knowledge to work remotely and will be less resistant to hire offshore freelancers.

Mobile-friendly website

The websites are sure to be designed with keeping in mind to work equally well across various devices. More portable device usage will require websites to work smoothly with gadgets of different sizes and resolutions. Web developers will prepare themselves to emphasize developing more mobile-friendly websites and are easy to use on the go.

Voice Search

Google assistant ‘Cortana’ from Microsoft and ‘Siri’ from Apple are some of the current examples of voice search technology. In future, more and more Custom Software Development Company are supposed to adopt this feature. The marketers predict an increase of 30% in digital revenue when websites are redesigned based on voice search commands. The use of smartphones and other mobile gadgets, with easy accessibility of voice search, will be trendy in 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Bots to be advanced more.

Ai is software that can think intelligently like an actual human. Chatbots powered by AI is going to be a web development trend in the year 2021. Voice assistant will help users with an enhanced experience providing technology-driven solutions. In the future, AI is forecasted to make its presence felt in the areas like healthcare, finance, science, research and others. AI will be a dominant force within the innovative universe of the future.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is the latest with tying all technologies together for exceptional growth in customer service areas. IoT application advancement is going to connect with 90% of cars by the end of 2021. IoT associated gadgets are expected for an immense jump with an increase by almost five times by the year 2025. The marketers are paying more attention on the development of sensors, programming machines, devices, and self driving vehicles. The companies will hold more experts with cloud processing, robotization, and information investigation, supporting IoT devices.

Increase in cloud services

IoT and Blockchain work on cloud administration as it offers a reliable and secure option for data stockpiling. The trend is moving from utilizing physical information servers to the cloud. During the time of the pandemic, remote working was the call of the hour. And the cloud niche rose significantly, helping the workers to work from home. With the increasing demand for data needed to be stored, companies will outsource more effective cloud platforms. The future is sure to give rise to several start-ups with new cloud solutions.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is predicted to be one of the hottest software development trends for the year 2021. Custom Software Development Company U.Kprovides unparalleled possibilities to secure valuable data with this technology’s help. The technology creates a unified data registry that helps to simplify primary banking operations. The finance industry is relying more on Blockchain as it provides a more secure platform.

Previously Blockchain was restricted to the financial field. Major investments are supposed to initiate the development of Blockchain solutions for logistics, real estate, automotive, medicinal services, and other areas. This technology’s growing trend will enable business owners to reach new statures and use services of Custom Software Development Companies.

Increase in demand for cybersecurity features

Data becomes one of the essential resources of an organization. This is the reason when the data will be required to protect from hackers and other cyber threats. Companies will invest more to eliminate data loss and to maintain other security concerns. Whether an IT or a small-sized company, all the owners will deploy cybersecurity services to compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Each year witnessed a sharp change in software developments. The year 2021 is no different, with more focus on remote working and maintaining social distance. COVID is going to dictate the trends of native apps development. Other than unpredictable developments, the flexible and adaptability with changing demands will be the most crucial feature for the software industry.