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Dancing for Children: Choosing the Right Direction


Even before the birth of a baby, each mother thinks about which developmental sections he will attend, become a dancer or a football player, learn the basics of vocal, or intensively engage in athletics. However, when it comes time to decide on the choice of the circle, many questions arise: is this type of activity suitable for the child, will he continue to study when he grows up a little?

When a preference is given to dancing, the situation is aggravated even more: which style to choose, solo or pair dances, which type of dance is the safest and most beneficial for a developing child’s body?

It is safe to say that any dance style has such “bonuses” as good coordination of movements, straight posture, flexibility, and the ability to move beautifully to the music, both on stage and at the school disco. In addition, dancing classes strengthen the immune system, which is very important, given the unfavorable environmental situation.


Ballet classes improve muscle strength, flexibility, freedom, and coordination of movements, and the ability to maintain balance. In some cases, ballet training can even help correct a curvature of the spine. Dance combinations that include jumping increase heart rate, which can improve endurance and overall cardiovascular health.

Like other types, ballet dance classes for toddlers improve body awareness and physical self-control. In addition, ballet is a classical training that will greatly facilitate the child’s path if he later decides to engage in any other dance direction.

However, it must be remembered that physical fitness means an opportunity to improve health, great exertion, and the risk of injury. In addition, ballet is a separate profession; therefore, the time spent on classes will be huge, which not everyone can withstand.


This is an energetic style that does not tolerate strict rules. In the broadest sense of this trend, hip-hop dance is everything that can be danced to hip-hop music.

The hip-hop dancer is self-confident, does not tolerate sentimentality, is stubborn, and is somewhat aggressive, but this is just an image created through acting. As with every dance, it has its own atmosphere. Club hip-hop, which is adored by modern youth, is especially popular. If your kid is active and loves a sporty style, he will appreciate this style of dance, especially since he will be able to apply dance skills when communicating with girls in the future.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing from the outside can look like a simple exercise, but with a serious approach, the physical activity in such lessons is not far behind ballet training. Ballroom dancing for children is beneficial: they also help to improve health and physical fitness: they develop a sense of balance and coordination of movements, endurance, and plasticity, and improve concentration.

However, unlike ballet, sports ballroom dancing is much more conducive to the socialization of children in society. It helps them learn how to properly present themselves since these dances are taught together with a partner.

Contemporary Dances

Modern dance is now a broad concept, as it combines many different dance styles, which can differ significantly from each other.

When choosing modern dances for children, parents should listen to the opinion of their children. Children now mainly prefer hip-hop, jazz-funk, modern, contemporary styles, but they are more suitable for middle and high school teenagers. And for little beginner dancers is the so-called pop dances, which simultaneously combine elements of completely different styles.

Children can learn to dance in modern directions in almost any dance school or studio and participate in professional competitions. You can try to go to a choreographic school or learn about such an opportunity in studios separately.

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